[KS] Film showing, "Dokdo/Takeshima Territorial Dispute and Social Activism in Japan and Korea, " Sophia University (Tokyo), October 3, 2016

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Film showing, "Dokdo/Takeshima Territorial Dispute and Social Activism
in Japan and Korea," Sophia University, October 3, 2016
by David H. Slater

Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture Film Screening and
Discussion *"Dokdo/Takeshima Territorial Dispute and Social Activism in
Japan and Korea [1]"* Speakers: Alexander Bukh and Nils Clauss October 3,
2016, 18:30~20:30 (Approx.)
10-301 Sophia University Yotsuya Campus

The territorial dispute between Japan and Korea over the ownership of
Dokdo/Takeshima islets resurfaced in early 2000s and today is one of
the major stumbling blocks in bilateral relations. The dispute however
is not limited to state to state relations as in both countries there
are citizens' groups actively engaged in protesting, lobbying and
educating the public. Who are these people however? What do they do in
their everyday life? What motivates them to engage in this kind of
activism? How do they see the other side?

In this talk Alexander Bukh and Nils Clauss will discuss their
documentary film that aims to provide some answers to these
questions". Alexander Bukh is a Senior Lecturer in International
Relations at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Alexander
has published extensively on Japan's national identity, Japan's
foreign policy and territorial disputes. His articles appeared in
journals such as the /Pacific Review, Asian Perspective, European
Journal of International Relations/ and the /International Relations
of the
Asia-Pacific. His current research focuses on territorial disputes and
civic activism in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Nils Clauss is a
Cinematographer and Photographer by trade currently based in Seoul,
South Korea. He has shot, directed and edited a number of
award-winning music videos, short, feature and documentary films,
which have been screened at various international festivals or went
viral online. Clauss’ commercial work includes shooting, directing and
editing for high-profile national and international clients such
as/ARTE, Burberry, Cheil, Do Ho Suh, Goethe-Institut, Google, GS
Caltex, Hyundai, Innocean, !K7 Records, MIT, MTV K, The Munich Chamber
Orchestra, Nike, The Official Korean Tourism Organization, Platoon,
Samsung, The Swedish Trade & Invest Council, Tamschick Media + Space,
Vice, Western Union, Yonsei University/ and /ZDF/ among others.

Free of charge/Open to all
Language: English
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[1] http://icc.fla.sophia.ac.jp/html/events/2016-2017/161003_Bukh_%20Clauss.pdf
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[3] tel:%2B81-%280%293-3238-4081
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