[KS] Re-revised posting "Revoking a Recommendation"

Balazs Szalontai aoverl at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Sep 20 00:50:06 EDT 2016

Dear Frank,
let me ask you a direct and brief question. Which specific examples hitherto listed by the participants of the dispute do you consider "less convincing" or "just completely off," and for which specific reasons? If you can provide us specific arguments about why the problems hitherto enumerated do not need investigation, and why our concerns are not justified, we will certainly listen to your arguments. If we find your arguments convincing, we will remove them from our list. This I can promise as the person most directly affected by this problem. If, however, you are of the opinion that the matter should not be discussed in public even if our concerns are legitimate and justified, please say so. Let me also ask you to provide some specific examples when my posts violated the written or unwritten rules of academic decency, either against Professor Armstrong or any other person. 
With many thanks in advance,Dr. Balazs Szalontai  

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