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Dear Subscribers,

Let me quote a few sentences from my latest post of20 September 2016:

“When Professor Armstrongcontacted me privately on 17 September, I asked him to send me a list of theinaccuracies he had identified. I also asked him to scan the AVPRF documentscited in the section of pp. 54-126. If I can see the cited documents, it willbe easy to reconstruct which ones contain information compatible with theinformation provided in Tyranny of theWeak, and which ones do not. On 17 September, Professor Armstrong expressedhis readiness to start preparing such a list of inaccuracies on 19 September. Iwelcomed his decision. If I receive this list and the actual Russian documents,it will be far easier for me to decide if this matter can be settled privatelyor not.”

So far I have not received such a list, or anyscanned documents, or further private messages, from Professor Armstrong.Hopefully they will be provided later. In the meantime, let me provide someadditional information in a systematized form. As it was correctly pointed outby a subscriber, it is more effective and less disconcerting for readers tocollect at least some of the currently known cases of invalid source citationsin a single downloadable table than to post them one by one. This way the listwould not be overloaded by messages related to a single thread. The followingtable, to which readers may get access by clicking on the links below, is alonger and more detailed version of the list that Jiyul Kim posted on H-Asia onSeptember 20, 2016. It includes 33 cases of invalid source citations in CharlesK. Armstrong's "Tyranny of the Weak," complete with detailed analysisof each case (which can be opened by clicking on the links in the table, thenclicking on the second “floating” link that appears). It also includes astatement of the problem and a call for further investigation.

Balazs Szalontai


https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ 1R28ryCj8CTlgLKJqIKLe26eFlSq5S eiPODtSQUyCTs8/edit?usp= sharing


https://drive.google.com/file/ d/0B2Ojwug7juTIdWh0ZDJWamtmZFk/ view?usp=sharing

Best regards,

Balazs Szalontai

Korea University

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