[KS] Announcement: The Journal of Korean Studies Online Manuscript Submission and Peer Review via Editorial Manager

Jooyeon Kim jk2857 at columbia.edu
Tue Aug 15 11:37:02 EDT 2017

Announcement: The Journal of Korean Studies Online Manuscript Submission and
Peer Review via Editorial Manager


The Journal of Korean Studies (JKS) is pleased to announce the August 15,
2017 launch of a new online system that will facilitate all aspects of
manuscript submission, peer review, and manuscript tracking. Through the
Editorial Manager, JKS's author, reviewer, and editorial community will
perform all tasks associated with the peer review process over the web in a
user-friendly environment. Please visit JKS's new online system at
http://www.editorialmanager.com/jks/Default.aspx and register to submit an
article or to serve as a reviewer.


We encourage all new users to register at the same URL by clicking
"Register" in the main navigation bar at the top of the page. An email then
will be sent to you to create your username and password. After you log in,
you can click "Update My Information" in the blue menu bar and change your
username and password if you wish.  


We encourage you to update your profile in the JKS's Editorial Manager
system. The Editors will use designated areas of expertise in the profile
data as a resource for selecting potential reviewers. Keeping this
information up to date will ensure that potential referees have
opportunities to review new papers in the fields in which they have the most
interest and/or expertise.


Please note that manuscripts submitted before the August 15, 2017 launch of
the JKS's Editorial Manager system will continue in the review process using
our traditional e-mail-based procedures. If you have such a manuscript under
review, do not attempt to upload your revised files into Editorial manager;
instead, email the revised manuscripts to jk2857 at columbia.edu
<mailto:jk2857 at columbia.edu> . 


Authors and reviewers of manuscripts submitted before August 15, 2017 should
send correspondence and reviewer reports, as usual, via e-mail to the
appropriate JKS Editorial Office. If you have any questions about a
manuscript currently in the peer review process, please contact the
editorial office, via e-mail, at ckrinfo at columbia.edu
<mailto:ckrinfo at columbia.edu> .


For manuscripts submitted on or after August 15, 2017, all participants in
the peer review process must use JKS's new site at
http://www.editorialmanager.com/jks/Default.aspx. If you have any questions
or encounter problems, please contact by clicking the 'contact us' in the
main navigation bar.


Contact information for the JKS's Editorial Offices is available in the
"About Us" link, located on the site jks.weai.columbia.edu
<http://jks.weai.columbia.edu/> .


Thank you for your ongoing support of the Journal of Korean Studies.


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