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Dear list members, 
the following event in Seoul might be of interest for you. 
The 15th Unified Korea Forum
“The Lives of North Koreans amidst Sanctions, seen from North Korea”
Time and Date: December 14th (Thursday), 2017.14:30-17:30 
Venue: Bright Society Intl. Club (Seoul Yulgok-ro)

The situation over the Korean Peninsulabecame more difficult as North Korea launched an intercontinental ballisticmissile (ICBM) “Hwasong-15” on November 29th.

In response to North Korea's nuclear andmissile provocations the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has imposed atotal of ten sanctions against North Korea, seven after Kim Jong Eun took powerand the North Korea's diplomatic capabilities and economic performance has beenreduced every time sanctions came into effect. It is necessary to examine howthe North Korean society and the lives of North Koreans have been changing amidstinternational sanctions imposed as a reaction to North Korea's effort tocomplete its nuclear armed forces. 

In the15th Unified Korea Forum we will host Mr. Thomas Fisler, formerDirector of the Pyongyang Bureau of the Swiss Agency for Development andCooperation (SDC) who was implementing programs in North Korea since 2013, twoyears after Kim Jon Eun took power.

1.       Registration (14:00-14:30)

2.       Opening Ceremony (14:30-15:00)

Opening address: SonJae-shik (Chairman of the Unified Korea Forum)

3.      Maindiscussion (15:00-17:30)  

Moderator: KimHong-jae (Former Director of Education Department in the 
                                                  Ministry of Unification) 

Main presentation: Situation and tasks of humanitarian projectsin North Korea - The example of the Swiss Agency for Development andCooperation SDC

                       ThomasFisler (former Director of the Pyongyang Bureau of the Swiss  
                                                Agency for Development and Cooperation)

Round table: Ongoing sanctions and their impact on North Korean society 

Hwang Namhui (SeniorResearch Fellow, Korea Institute for Health and Social  
                Son Jong-do (Department Head, Korean SharingMovement)  
4.       Closing Remarks: Bernhard Seliger(Resident Representative, Hans Seidel Foundation)
Yours sincerely, 
Bernhard Seliger

For more information, please phone: (02) 358 0612

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e-mail: seliger at hss.or.kr

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