[KS] Institute for Korean Studies launch, Univ of Missouri, 2/9/17

C. Harrison Kim cheehyungkim at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 16:55:50 EST 2017

Dear KS Colleagues,

We are delighted to share the news of the launch of the Institute for Korean Studies (IKS) at the University of Missouri (MU).

IKS is founded on the special relationship between the state of Missouri and Korea that dates back to the US President Truman, which has fostered decades of research, teaching, and exchange related to Korea at MU. We believe IKS will advance this course and has the potential to join the growing group of fine Korean Studies research centers across the world. We also hope for it to provide an additional platform to highlight the excellent research done by MU's faculty.  
The launch is on Thursday, February 9, at 3PM, at the University of Missouri's Jesse Wrench Auditorium in Memorial South building. The launch event features a forum with Grace Jo--a former refugee from North Korea who now speaks widely on freedom and human rights, and who is the focus of a short, award-winning documentary charting her journey from refugee status to American citizenship. A reception will follow. The flyer for the event is attached. 

We are excited to celebrate a new step in advancing Korea-related research in Missouri. Visit and talk to us through our website (korea.missouri.edu <http://korea.missouri.edu/>), Twitter (@KoreainMissouri <https://twitter.com/KoreainMissouri>), and Facebook (facebook.com/IKSatMU <https://www.facebook.com/IKSatMU/>). 

Please contact us with any inquiries. We hope some of you can join us for the event!

With best wishes, 
Sheena Chestnut Greitens, Co-Director (Political Science, greitenss at missouri.edu)
Cheehyung Harrison Kim, Co-Director (History, kimcheehyung at missouri.edu)
Seungkwon You, Executive-Director (Asian Affairs Center, youse at missouri.edu)

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