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Olga Fedorenko

Global Korean Studies and Writing Korean Culture Conference

Call for papers

September 22 and 23, 2017

Seoul National University

Keynote speakers:

Laurel Kendall (Columbia University and American Museum of Natural History)
Jeong Duk Yi (Chonbuk National University)

The Anthropology Department at Seoul National University invites proposals for presentations at the “Global Korean Studies and Writing Korean Culture” conference. The conference will be conducted in English and Korean.
In the age of global flows and transborder scholarship, where does “Korean culture” begin and end, who is included and excluded, and who gets to decide? This conference aims to critically engage the notion of Korean culture and to reflect on what has been at stake in producing knowledge about it, from within Korea and from outside, for Koreans and for non-Koreans. We invite proposals for conceptual, analytical, methodological, and ethnographic papers that inquire into the politics of writing (about) Korean culture today, from different locales inside and outside South Korea. What have been the theoretical and methodological challenges particular to local or international scholars researching Korean culture? How have scholars accounted for—or failed to account for—their different relations to Korea? How have Koreanists responded to pressures from national and commercial interests that fund research on Korea? How do we orient scholarship on Korean culture away from Western concerns and toward local issues without subordinating scholarship to nationalist agendas or sacrificing the intellectual relevance for the larger academic community? We hope that these guiding questions will provoke a fruitful dialogue between anthropological perspectives on writing culture and critically oriented Korean Studies scholarship while bridging perspectives from South Korea and abroad. Possible topics include:

-contemporary discourses on Korean culture and Koreanness in academia and beyond
-constructions of otherness in/of Korean culture
-orientalism and self-orientalism
-writing about Korean culture while moving away from the nation-state optic
-“natives,” “foreigners,” and other authorial positions on Korean culture
-politics of fieldwork in Korea for Korean and non-Korean researchers
-audiences of Korean culture scholarship in Korea and abroad, their investments, desires, and demands
-politics of knowledge production, in anthropology and area studies, as it relates to Korean culture;
-institutional determinants of research on Korean culture: funding agencies, ethics review boards, globalizing universities
-feminist and queer perspectives on Korean culture
-publicly engaged scholarship and Korean culture
-autoethnography and other experimental writing on Korean culture

Please submit a 300-word abstract, three keywords, and a brief biographical note, to Olga Fedorenko and Yoonhee Kang at snu.anthro at gmail.com by April 7, 2017. Selected participants will be asked to submit full-developed papers to discussants by August 17, 2017. English-language papers presented at the conference will be considered for inclusion in a special issue of a reputable academic journal.

Out-of-town presenters will be offered lodging on SNU campus or nearby. There are also limited funds to cover travel expenses for international participants; please indicate whether you would need such assistance and where you are traveling from.
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