[KS] lecture announcement, Splendid Metal Crowns of the Paekche Kingdom in Korea and Japan

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I would like to ask you to announce my lecture to Northwest art history
mailing group.

Speaker: Dr. Junghee Lee, Portland State University
Title: Splendid Metal Crowns of the Paekche Kingdom in Korea and Japan
Location: PSU Smith Memorial Student Union  Room 294.
              1825 SW Broadway, Portland, OR  97201

In this lecture, Dr. Junghee Lee explores the dynamic relationship of the
ancient art of Paekche, Kaya, Silla, Koguryo and Japan, specifically
looking at ancient crowns of the Paekche Kingdom and syncretic subject
matter of Buddhism, Taoism and nomadic tradition.

The history of the Paekche kingdom in Korea is still unclear as very few
historical writings from this period exist.  However, Korean tombs of the
Three Kingdoms period (57 BCE-558 CE) yield brilliant objects of
outstanding quality which reveal a strong connection to other countries.
Ancient artifacts such as funerary objects and Paekche metalwork can be
found in Japanese tombs of the Kofun period (250-710 CE), such as in the
Eta Funayama tomb in Kyushu.  This discovery suggests the arrival of
immigrants from Paekche (in present day southwest Korea) and the
transmission of their craftsmanship to Japan, as is also noted in Japanese
historical chronicles.

www.pdx.edu/asian-studies, 503-725-8576 <(503)%20725-8576>.

Enclosed is the flyer.

Best wishes,

Junghee Lee

Junghee Lee
Professor of Art History
School of Art and Design
Portland State University
P. O. Box 751
Portland, OR  97207-0751
U. S. A.
leeju at pdx.edu
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