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Dear Korean Studies Online Discussion List Subscribers,

As the new South Korean president reviews inter-Korean engagement within a changed international environment, a new online course contemplates economic engagement relative to other approaches, its different forms and geopolitical context, and teaches participants how to study economic data, international law and experience of the North Korean legal system to make sophisticated economic and ethical judgements about existing or potential economic projects.

'Considering Economic Engagement' is a small, selective rather than Mass Open Online Course, but the expertise of lecturers is no less than that of leading MOOC courses, with presentations from leading scholars including:

  *   Stephan Haggard (University of California San Diego and the Peterson Institute for International Economics)
  *   Kim Byung-Yeon (Seoul National University)
  *   Balazs Szalontai (Korea University)
  *   Tristan Webb (University of Kent and formerly UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
  *   Adam Cathcart (University of Leeds)

as well as those with first-hand experience of economic engagement including:

  *   Erich Weingartner (CanKor)
  *   Andray Abrahamian (Choson Exchange)
  *   Felix Abt (serial entrepreneur behind Pyongsu Pharma, Pyongyang Business School)

Engage Korea is a voluntary initiative and a $5 course fee will cover online overheads expenses for the 8-week course running from 12 June-6 August. The window for applications is due to close shortly. If you're interested in the topic, please feel welcome to apply via the link below!


Kind regards,

Matthew Bates and Stina Bae

Course Coordinators for online course 'Considering Economic Engagement'

Engage Korea

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