[KS] RASKB Transactions Volume 01

Brother Anthony ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr
Mon Jun 12 22:56:55 EDT 2017

Volume 1 of  Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch is dated 1900. The RAS has just published Volume 91 of the series, dated 2016. The Table of Contents is below. Members of this list can order copies by writing to royalasiatickorea at gmail.com and pay by Paypal. The full list price per volume is KW 15,000 but Korean Studies scholars are asked to pay KW 12,000. Further discounts may also be available. 

The RAS has a stock of printed copies of the complete series, either bound reprints of the earlier volumes or individual copies of each volume. A number of Korean Studies libraries have purchased sets in the past but not all have maintained a standing order for new volumes. I would like to encourage Korean Studies librarians to contact the RAS at royalasiatickorea at gmail.com with inquiries about completing their holdings. The RAS is also prepared to consider requests from under-funded libraries for donations of complete sets of Transactions, so long as stocks remain. Likewise for books published by the RAS in decades past, of which in some cases we have considerable stocks. The full list is at http://www.raskb.com/content/ras-publications-detailed-description   and we are willing to give substantial discounts of many of the titles, if requested. We want to reduce our stock and also ensure that our publications serve a useful purpose.

Brother Anthony
President, RAS Korea

Transactions Volume 91  Table of Contents

Korean Perspectives on 4 English Voyages:   William F. Pore
Alice Hyun and Wellington Chung: Paradise Lost:  Hlásny Vladimir and Jung Byung Joon
Transport Development in Korea: Andy Tebay and Nikola Medimorec
A Photographic Introduction to Art Deco Architecture in Korea: Nate Kornegay
Syngman Rhee: Socialist:  David P. Fields
Brilliant as the Morning Star, Cultural notes on the yogang:  Boudewijn Walraven
Seoul's Last Moon Village(s): Jon Dunbar
“Korea as Seen from the Saddle” (Homer Hulbert’s accounts of a journey to Pyongyang: Part One):   Robert D. Neff
Two Accounts of the French expedition of 1866: Brother Anthony

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