[KS] Ancient Asiatic Scripts in America - a research report

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I recently joined and I find the discussions very informative.  Now I would like to share a short paper

detailing the presence of ancient Asiatic scripts written upon the rocks of Southwestern America with the members.

>From the style of these script characters, the syntax of the messages, and the level of weathering upon them

a date of about 2500 YBP is most reasonable.  A copy of this research report attached to this email.

Please note the following quote from the larger research manuscript Asiatic Echoes - The Identification of Ancient

Chinese Pictograms in pre-Columbian North American Rock Writing, 3rd edition to which this paper is the first supplemental report.

"While a number of authors have provided secondary evidence for early pre-Columbian visits by the Chinese to the Americas, it is equally possible that other Asiatic populations, such as the Japanese, Koreans, and Vietnamese, who employ styles of writing derived from Chinese script, were responsible for at least some of these cultural exchanges."

This is my first attempt to post an item to the site. Any help you may be able to provide will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
John A. Ruskamp, Ed.D., M.B.A.
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