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The Center for Korean History at Korea University is pleased
to announce the publication of *The International Journal of Korean History*,
Vol. 22, No. 1, the complete table of contents of which may be found at the
end of this e-mail. The articles in this journal’s special theme issue
focus on ‘Decolonization, U.S. Occupation, and Koreans in Japan.’ All the
articles in this issue and all previous issues of the journal are currently
accessible on EBSCOhost, Google Scholar and at the IJKH homepage

The IJKH is an international scholarly journal that promotes original
research and new analyses and interpretations through articles, book
reviews, and translated scholarly works related to Korean history. The IJKH
editors and editorial board are committed to serving its international
authors and readers, and to the development of Korean studies both in and
outside of Korea.

The IJKH is published biannually in February and August of each year.
Submissions of academic papers related to the field of Korean history are
accepted for peer review throughout the year.

Best wishes,

John B. Duncan, Editor-in-chief

*Special Theme: Decolonization, U.S. Occupation, and Koreans in Japan*

Guest Editor’s Introduction: Writing the “Empire” Back into the History of
Postwar Japan - Deokhyo Choi

Historicizing “Korean Criminality”: Colonial Criminality in Twentieth
Century Japan - Joel Matthews

The Limits of Decolonization: American Occupiers and the "Korean Problem"
in Japan, 1945-1948 - Matthew R. Augustine

The Tokyo Trial and the Question of Colonial Responsibility: Zainichi
Korean Reactions to Allied Justice in Occupied Japan - Young-hwan Chong


Helen Kim as New Woman and Collaborator: A Comprehensive Assessment of
Korean Collaboration under Japanese Colonial Rule - AhRan Ellie Bae

The "Three National Treasures of Shilla(新羅三寶)" and Their Transfer: The
Symbol of the Unification of the Koryŏ Dynasty - Bo-kwang Kim

*Book Review*

Remco E. Breuker, Establishing a Pluralist Society in Medieval Korea,
918-1170: History, Ideology and Identity in the Koryŏ Dynasty. Leiden,
Netherland: Brill, 2010, 484p. - Hyung-Wook Kim

*History in Cinema Review*

Over the Im/permeable Boundaries: Cinematization of Nianchan in South Korea
and Japan – So Hye Kim

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