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The Journal of Korean Religions (JKR) would like to announce the October 2017 publication of Volume 8, Number 2, "Religion and Media in Korea."
This issue, guest edited by Kyuhoon Cho, Sam Han, and Jin Kyu Park, reflects the collaborative efforts of many scholars to illuminate “simultaneous blind spots” between the fields of religion and media studies, to point towards the dynamic interactions that mutually shape these social forces, and to bring further interest to the continued study of the same, particularly by looking at Korea as a space where the implications of these interactions have been and remain so visible.
Guest Editors’ Introduction 
Jin Kyu Park, Kyuhoon Cho, & Sam Han
History of Religious Broadcasting in Korea from a Religious Politics Standpoint: A Focus on the Period of a Protestant Broadcasting Monopoly
Sungmin Lee
The Role of Newspapers in the Early Korean Protestant Community: An Analysis of The Korean Christian Advocate and The Christian News
Minjung Noh
Religion in the Press: The Construction of Religion in the Korean News Media
Kyuhoon Cho
The Culture-Religion Nexus: (Neo-)Durkheimianism and Mediatized Confucianism in Korean “Piety Travel” 
Sam Han
Authenticity, Brand Culture, and Templestay in the Digital Era: The Ambivalence and In-Between-Ness of Korean Buddhism 
Seung Soo Kim
|Research Articles|
Dens of Feudalism: North Korean Discourse on Confucian Academies
Vladimir Glomb and Lee Eun-Jeung
The Debate on the State of Unarousedness between Oeam and Namdang
Liju Xing and Xi Lin
|Book Reviews|
A Korean Confucian Way of Life and Thought: The Chasŏngnok (Record of Self-Reflection) by Yi Hwang (T’oegye)
Reviewed by Halla Kim
The Spirit Moves West: Korean Missionaries in America
Reviewed by Kirsteen Kim
We also want to inform scholars from all disciplines about our continuing call for papers on all topics pertaining to Korean religion. Submissions and inquiries should be sent to the Managing Editor: journalkr at sogang.ac.kr <mailto:journalkr at sogang.ac.kr>. Style guidelines can be found here: http://bit.ly/JKRsubguide <https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2FJKRsubguide&h=ATMfUxGDAfSsR90yVRyZDgG6d87j4PeTJdz3bcS_v6BpsS6uWmmFQsDfTkvAw-QgDwhbWwUTAgxfpmVMVIfgYuu7SpIoDBiLVOoKgZzH3PySYX_5Lso9dRHPTy9cMu4tt2Hg-5wQYnrGL4UGpSAeSoKaaxGchaRNFC5n-nUmpdUJK6W5RX9TFQzQHISqZn6ger-XjurGu0qBuWkaDbTVmBzNJM4xb7DgV7zXPdEQvJSpOeFcRNhsQSci1lfwog6ZS5wTVF5hNO8LWIE27x-U1lp5u21aEfkS8LZE0GP393UirqQ4FXm2tT1NEe4F>
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Best wishes,
Kim Seong-nae
Don Baker
Editors-in-Chief, Journal of Korean Religions
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