[KS] A New Book: "Varieties of Capitalism in Asia"

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Announcement of a New Book:

David Hundt and Jitendra Uttam, "Varieties of Capitalism in Asia: Beyond
the Developmental State" London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.


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This book devises an innovative new way of explaining how socioeconomic
orders shape capitalism in Asia.

Hundt and Uttam go beyond both the ‘varieties of capitalism’ approach,
which is mainly used to analyse Western capitalism, and the 'developmental
state' thesis, which is the primary framework for analysing capitalism in
Asia, and propose a new and innovative approach to the emergence of
capitalist systems. Rather than focusing solely or predominantly on the
state, they argue, it is necessary to bring society back in to an analysis
of capitalism.

The authors apply this approach to case studies from across the region:
Japan; South Korea and Taiwan; Hong Kong and Singapore; Malaysia and
Thailand; and India and China. This volume will appeal to historians,
political scientists and economists, as well as policymakers, who are
interested in the transformation of the Asian region since World War II.

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