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The Center for Korean History at Korea University is pleased to announce
the publication of The *International Journal of Korean History*, Vol. 22,
No. 2, the complete table of contents of which may be found at the end of
this e-mail (or you can use this link:

The articles in this journal’s special theme issue focus on ‘Newly
Discovered Documents from Ancient Korea.’ All the articles in this issue
and all previous issues of the journal are currently accessible on
EBSCOhost, Google Scholar, DOAJ and at the IJKH website

The IJKH is an international scholarly journal that promotes original
research and new analyses and interpretations through articles, book
reviews, and translated scholarly works related to Korean history. The IJKH
editors and editorial board are committed to serving its international
authors and readers, and to the development of Korean studies both in and
outside of Korea.
The IJKH is published biannually in February and August of each year.
Submissions of academic papers related to the field of Korean history are
accepted for peer review throughout the year.

Best wishes,

John B. Duncan, Editor-in-chief

*Special Theme: Newly Discovered Documents from Ancient Korea*
Guest Editor’s Introduction (Dae-Jae Park)
A New Approach to the Household Register of Lelang Commandery (Dae-Jae Park)
An Analysis on the Contents of the Stele of Koguryŏ in Ji’an with Regard to
Koguryŏ’s Reorganization of *Sumyoje* (Jong-Rok Lee)
The Native Origins of the Paekche Refugee Ye (禰) Family and the Background
of Their Activities in the Tang Dynasty (Dongmin Lim)
A Study of Past Research on Sŏngsan Fortress Wooden Tablets and an
Examination of Exacavated Wooden Tablet Documents (Nari Kang)

Institutionalizing Japan's Relief System for Repatriates: Koreans and
Japanese at Hakata Port in 1945 (Youngho Choi)

*Book Review*
*The Ancient State of Puyŏ in Northeast Asia: Archeology and Historical
Memory*. By Mark E. Byington. Cambridge and London: Harvard University East
Asia Center, 2016. xv + 398 pp. [ISBN: 9780674737198] (Richard D. McBride

*History in Cinema Review*
Coming Home: Finding Our Space of Innocence Through Sagŭk Films (Saena

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