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Dear friends and colleagues,

Seventy years ago, as a consequence of Korea’s partition, Jeju became the site of mass killings and the prelude to the Korean War. Following our 2013 and 2015 Peace Study Tours that revisited the history of that partition and continuing legacy of the Korean War, this year we examine, on site, the April 3rd Jeju Uprising and its claims on the present.

Our aims are to facilitate learning, conversation, and solidarity for peace and justice in Korea. Most of our interlocutors, including survivors, experts, and activists, will be speaking in Korean. But we will have expert Korean to English / English to Korean interpretation throughout the tour. The tour begins and ends in Jeju. It starts Thursday evening, June 21, and ends late Monday morning, June 25. The (tentative rough) itinerary includes:




June 21(Thurs)

Jeju, Chamsari Village

Arrival at Jeju Airport

Get settled

Screening of <Jiseul>

June 22(Fri)

April 3 Peace Museum

Museum Tour


What is 4.3? From Amnesia to Truth, From Truth to Naming

Session 1 – The Past of 4.3

-Temporal and Spatial Particulars and Generals of 4.3

-Silencing 4.3, Recovering People’s Voices

Session 2 – The Present of 4.3

-The Dead and the Living in Jeju and the World

-Continuity of State Violence, Permanence of Peace Movement

Session 3 – The Future of 4.3

-Memory of Politics, Politics of Memory: Toward Struggles for Recognition

-The Past of Violence and Resistance, The Future of Reconciliation and Healing

June 23(Sat)

Site visits: Gwandeogkjeong (where 4.3 started); Hagui Village; Jin Ayeong’s House (Watch the documentary The Grandma in a White Cotton Scarf<https://youtu.be/_OZUe4BxUGk>); Mosulpo (military bases built by Japanese Imperial Army)

June 24(Sun)

Site visits: Bukchon (talk with Hyun Kiyoung); Nakseondong 4.3 Castle; Jeju Haenyo Independence Movement  Memorial

June 25(Mon)

Gangjeong Village

Site visits: Songnaengi Valley (memorial ritual); Gangjeong


We will be traveling in two buses. Overseas participants will have 25 seats, members of our partner organizations will have 35 seats, with 10 seats reserved for volunteers and staff. As in previous years, our principal partner organizations in South Korea are Human Rights Foundation Saram (인권재단사람), Institute for Korean Historical Studies (역사문제연구소), and People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (참여연대).

Your participation fee will cover all costs – accommodations, meals, entrance fees, local transportation, etc. – from the beginning to the end of the tour. For those with full-time positions or funding source, the participation fee will be 250,000 KRW (~ $ 235 US / € 192). For students and those with part-time positions, the fee will be 150,000 KRW (~ $ 142 US / € 115).

With apologies in advance, we are able to set aside only ten seats at the 150,000 KRW fee. Please note: the participation fee does NOT cover airfare to Korea or to Jeju.  As in previous tours, the participation fee is low because we will not be staying in luxury hotels, and the sponsoring organizations are contributing money and staff time.

By mid-April we will send out a more detailed itinerary. Space is limited however and may quickly fill up. To reserve a seat, email us at 2018peacetour at gmail.com<mailto:2018peacetour at gmail.com>. Please include your name, institutional/organizational affiliation, position or job title, and phone number where you might be reached. Your reservation is confirmed when half of your participation fee is received. (We will send you the bank information.)

We hope you will join us on the 2018 Korea Peace Study Tour! If you have questions please do not hesitate to email us.

With warm regards,

Overseas Organizing Committee

(Henry Em, Seunghei Clara Hong, Suzy Kim, Owen Miller, JJ Suh, and JT Takagi)

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