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*S/N Korean Humanities*

*Call for Papers (September 2019)*

*S/N Korean Humanities* is a peer-reviewed English-language journal
published biannually in March and September by the Institute of Humanities
for Unification (IHU) at Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea. Launched in March
2015, *S/N Korean Humanities* offers a forum of debate for scholars whose
methodologies, themes, and conceptual frameworks for the study of
inter-Korean division and unification contribute to developing “humanities
for unification (*T’ongilinmunhak*).”

The IHU views unification as a process of communication, healing, and
integration of *all *Koreans, encompassing not only the peoples of the two
Koreas but also the Korean diaspora. In this connection, *S/N Korean
Humanities* offers a unique platform for promoting integrated Korean
studies by presenting works of *Hangukhak* as well as *Chos**ŏ**nhak. *This
new humanities-based approach to unification is designed to provide a
critique of existing disciplines which have tended to perceive unification
as the result of unilateral political, economic, or military change rather
than gradual shifts in the Korean people’s attitudes, sentiments, and

Submissions of manuscripts are accepted for peer review throughout the
year. Each issue of *S/N Korean Humanities *publishes special theme
articles as well as other research articles relevant to “humanities for
unification” and integrated Korean studies.

*Themes Covered in S/N Korean Humanities Include:*


   Philosophical studies of systems of thoughts and ideologies of South and
   North Korea

   Theoretical and/or empirical studies of national identity (national
   commonalities and differences) of South and North Korea and Korean diasporas

   Historical studies of life and culture of South and North Korea and
   Korean diasporas

   Studies of South and North Korea’s literary works, films and mass media
   (TV shows, propagandas, etc.)

   Studies of Koreans’ historical traumas and their healing

   *Special Theme: “Imagination in S/N Korean Spaces*”

*Deadline*: *April 31, 2019*

We are currently soliciting contributions of original works and book
reviews for the September 2019 issue. The special theme of this issue is
“Imagination in S/N Korean Spaces.” The historic summit between the leaders
of the two Koreas in April 2018 set in motion a new mode of inter-Korean
exchange and cooperation in a diverse range of fields. For this issue, we
are particularly interested in topics related to architecture, urban
development, and geography as a new avenue for projecting the landscape of
Korea’s shared future. Successful contributors will be paid on publication
in accordance with the journal’s remuneration standards.

*Submission Guidelines:*


   All manuscripts should be submitted by email to
   snkoreanhumanities at gmail.com or use our online submission system
   available at http://www.snkoreanhumanities.org/.

   All manuscripts must be submitted as an attachment in MS Word document
   (.doc/.docx) format.

   Original articles should not exceed 10,000 words or their equivalent
   (including notes, tables, maps, diagrams and photographs). Book reviews
   should be in the region of 2,500-3000 words.

   Papers submitted to *S/N Korean Humanities* must be unpublished original
   work of the author(s) and not under consideration for publication
   elsewhere. Any fact of external support for the research or its earlier
   presentation/publication must be acknowledged.

   Citations such as the reference list, footnotes, and parenthetical
   citations should be made following the standards specified by *The
   Chicago Manual of Style*.

   Romanization of Korean words and names must follow the McCune-Reischauer

   For further details, please see the submission guidelines on our website
   at http://www.snkoreanhumanities.org/.

   *SN Korean Humanities*

   Institute of Humanities for Unification, Konkuk University

   120 Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul 05029, Korea

   Office: +82.2.450.3885 / Fax: +82.2.455.0335

   Homepage: http://www.snkoreanhumanities.org/
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