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Dear colleagueswe would like to invite you to the conference "Scholar, Monk and Literate: Kim Sisŭp and Frontiers of Korean Culture" February 9-10, 2018  organised by the Department of Korean Studies and Prague Centre of Korean Studies at the Charles University, Prague. If you would like to join the conference, please do not hesitate to contact us.YoursMiriam Lowensteinova (Charles University) and Vladimir Glomb (FU Berlin) 

Scholar,Monk and Literate: Kim Sisŭp and Frontiers of Korean Culture February9-10, 2018 CharlesUniversity, Prague, Department of Korean Studies, Prague Centre of Korean Studies February 99.30 Registration:The Green Hall, Celetná 20Morning session9.50 – 11.20Wang Sixiang: The Figure of the Recluse: Kim Sisŭp andPolitical Culture in Early ChosŏnKoreaGregory N. Evon: KimSisŭp: Friendship, Enmity, andIntellectual Change in Early Chosŏn Korea Coffeebreak11. 40 – 13.00Kim Daeyeol: Kim Sisŭp and the Taoist Canon Barbara Wall: Kim Sisǔp on Ghosts Lunch 13.00-14.30 Afternoon session14.30 – 16.50 Vladimir Glomb: Kim Sisŭp and his place in Korean ConfucianthoughtMarion Eggert: Kim Sisŭp’s Epistemology – With a Special View toSenses, Perception, and LanguageDiana Yuksel: Kim Sisŭp’s metaphysicsand Korean orthodox Confucianism Coffeebreak Discussion 17.10-18.00Dinner   February10, 2018Morning session 9.30 – 11.00Isabelle Sancho: Kim Sisŭp's biography by YulgokDennis Wuerthner:   On thetranslation and evaluation of Kŭmo sinhwa in North Korea  Coffeebreak  11.25 - 13.00ChristianMularzyk: On Kim Sisŭp's use of imageryin his Chodong owi to sŏ yohaeMiriam Löwensteinová: Kim Sisǔp’s Kǔmo sinhwa inthe context of mongyurok genre Lunch13.00–14.30 Afternoon session14.30 – 16.50Grace Koh: Intertextual Responses to Kim Sisŭp’s Poetry andFictionAnastasia A. Guryeva: Creative Work and Perception: Art, Word and its Comprehension in Poetryby Kim SiseupSonjaHaeussler: The cuckoo’s cry – voice of past and present sorrow Coffeebreak Final discussion 17.00 – 18.00Dinner 
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