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Dear KoreanStudies readers,
On behalf of the 2018 selection committees I am sending out this announcement for three awards of the Society for East Asia Anthropology. Please invite others you know to consider entering this year's competition.
-- Sincerely,
Guven Witteveen
-- Guven Peter Witteveen, anthroview at gmail.com; skype address: gpwitteveen

=-=-=-= Francis L.K. Hsu Book PrizeSociety for East Asian Anthropology2018 Call for Book Nominations
The Society for East Asian Anthropology invites submissions for the 2018 Francis L.K. Hsu Book Prize. The prize of $300 is given to the English-language book published in the previous calendar year (2017) judged to have made the most significant contribution to the field. The prize is named for the late Francis L.K. Hsu (1909-2000), renowned cross-cultural anthropologist and former President (1977-78) of the American Anthropological Association.
Book submissions from all four fields of anthropology as they relate to East Asia, as well as books that venture beyond standard ethnographic modes of writing are very much encouraged. Nominations for the prize may be made by authors, publishers, or interested third parties (with the consent of the author). Reference works, translations, textbooks, edited works, and anthologies are not eligible. Both members and non-members of SEAA are eligible.
Postal addresses for the Hsu Book Prize should be online early in March.Submission (postmarked) deadline for 2017 titles is May 1, 2018. Please send one non-returnable copy of the book to each committee member.All details will appear at http://seaa.americananthro.org/awards/francis-l-k-hsu-book-prize/
 =-=-=-= Theodore C. Bestor Prize for Outstanding Graduate PaperSociety for East Asian Anthropology2018 Call for Papers
The Society for East Asian Anthropology invites submissions for the 2018 Theodore C. Bestor Prize for Outstanding Graduate Student Paper in honor of Ted Bestor, the first president of SEAA.
The prize of $300 is awarded annually for the best graduate student paper on any aspect of East Asian anthropology and/or East Asian anthropology’s contribution to the broader field.
Papers must deal with the anthropological study of East Asian societies and cultures, or other societies/cultures and diasporic and transnational communities with historical or contemporary ties to East Asia.  Papers will be read by a committee of the Society for East Asian Anthropology and judged on original empirical research and contribution to the field; organization, quality, clarity of writing, and cogency of argument. The author of the paper judged to be of the highest quality will receive the prize.
The Bestor Prize Committee consists of Professor Joshua H. Roth (Mount Holyoke College, Department of Sociology and Anthropology), Assistant Professor Tami Blumenfield (Furman University, Department of Asian Studies), Associate Professor Elisabeth Schober (University of Oslo, Department of Social Anthropology).
Manuscripts should be sent to Prof. Joshua H. Roth at jroth at mtholyoke.edu as an MS Word file, double-spaced, author’s name removed. Please put “Bestor Prize” in the subject line of your email message.See the complete list of formatting & eligibility at SEAA online, http://seaa.americananthro.org/awards/bestor-prize-for-outstanding-graduate-paper/
The 2018 deadline for this prize is June 15th, 2018.
=-=-=-= David Plath Media AwardSociety for East Asian Anthropology2018 Call for Entries
The Society for East Asian Anthropology presents the biennial David Plath Media Award to the best work (film, video, audio, and/or multimedia/interactive media, such as websites) on any aspect of East Asian anthropology and/or East Asian anthropology’s contribution to the broader field. The next David Plath Media Prize will be awarded in 2018 for material produced in 2016 or 2017. Submissions are welcome from any part of the world.
The biennial prize of $300 is named for David Plath, renowned Japan-scholar and producer of award-winning documentary films. Eligible submissions should contribute to the anthropology of East Asia and may take a diverse range of forms including research footage and documentation that adds to the historical and/or ethnographic record, or is used for further analysis (such as linguistics, dance, and art); ethnographic media that contributes to theoretical debate and development; media designed to enhance teaching; and media produced for television broadcasting and other forms of mass communication. Nominations for the prize may be made by producers/authors, distributors, or interested third parties.
See list of previous awardees and full instructions for the 2018 award,http://seaa.americananthro.org/awards/david-plath-media-award/
Instructions:Please contact Gavin Whitelaw <whitelaw at fas.harvard.edu>, David Plath Media Award Chair, regarding your submission. Submissions should also be accompanied by a short abstract of the project. The deadline for submissions is June 15, 2018.
Alternatively, media can also be mailed to:
Gavin H. Whitelaw, Ph.D. [David Plath Media Award Chair]Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese StudiesHarvard UniversityCGIS South Building, 1730 Cambridge StreetCambridge, MA 02138USA
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