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Fri Jan 26 12:19:12 EST 2018

Dear Korean Studies,
Could you  please forward this notice to the email group.
Thank you,Ye jin

Ye jin Kang ,* MSc Medical Anthropology, MPP*
*Harvard Medical School | M.D. Candidate  '18*
Founder, Executive Director, www.engagekorea.org

*CARE 2017 Report highlights DPRK as #1 on its list of under-reported
humanitarian crises.*

Harvard Medical School Korean Student Society and the North Korea Study
Group, a student organization at Harvard Kennedy School, are organizing an
all-day conference titled "*Peace on the Korean Peninsula: The Health and
Humanitarian Approaches." *

In the wake of political tensions, it is often aid groups that are the only
means of connection with communities in the DPRK. It will highlight the
lessons to be learned from these professional aid workers as they navigated
the politicization of aid. *Six of our speakers have extensive
on-the-ground experience in the DPRK. *

The event is sponsored by the *Council of Korean Americans and the **Korea
Economic Institute.*
>     >Date : Saturday, April 28, 2018
    >Agenda can be located here
       There will be three interdisciplinary panels and a two-hour workshop on
how to implement an effective aid program.
    >Registration page is located here
 . *Those wishing to attend are encouraged to register early to secure a
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