[KS] Chinese Studies Equivalent of Korean Studies Listserv?

Charles Muller acmuller at l.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Sun Mar 18 00:02:31 EDT 2018

On 3/16/2018 10:01 PM, Dennis Lee wrote:

> For those of you who work in Chinese studies as well as Korean studies, 
> is there a Chinese studies equivalent to this listserv? Preferably for 
> premodern Chinese studies (Yuan dynasty to be precise).
> I know there is PMJS for premodern Japanese studies, but I wasn't sure 
> if anything existed for premodern China.

I think that due to the size of Chinese studies, its networks tend to be 
handled in smaller, more focused entities. One that I subscribe to is 
the Confucian Traditions network (that also deals with Daoism and other 
aspects of Chinese thought). This group comes out of the AAR unit on 
Confucian traditions:


It is very well run by Keith Knapp.

On the other hand, a lot of communication on China studies also seems to 
be handled by H-Asia.



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