[KS] EOD - eBooks on Demand from EUROPEAN libraries, publ. 1500 to 1950s?

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreanstudies.com
Tue Mar 27 19:41:50 EDT 2018

First of all, thanks to Adam Bohnet for the info about the Library of 
Congress' "North Korean Serials DB," the new searchable bibliography. 

Let me add another piece of information regarding another book service. 
Most scholars outside of Europe may not be aware of this service (I was 
not either).

There is an "eBooks on Demand" (EOD) service for old books, published 
from 1500 to 1950s? (website description states until "1900" but I see 
some German titles available published in e.g. 1932, or Russian titles 
from 1958). These are books include publications in ALL LANGUAGES, 
including KOREAN. Fourty libraries from 12 European countries do 
participate. Now, you will find most older titles via the Google book 
project (for free) via the "Hathi Trust Digital Library" at
(requires in most cases a connection from a U.S. IP to read or download 
books as full-text PDFs!) and at the "Internet Archive":

But there are still lots of other older European publications that 
never made it to any of the larger U.S. libraries, and these are not 
available as PDFs. The EOD project closes that gap. It is a fee-based 
service, though. There is a search page (with credit card or PayPal as 
payment options):
Synchronically search all participating 40 libraries from this page; 
search results will only display books which can be converted into 
PDFs. Wonderful service!

This and other services are also linked to from my BOOKS page:


Frank Hoffmann

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