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Dear Korean Studies scholars,

Hope you are well!

The Finnish University Network of Asian Studies and the University of Turku, in cooperation with Engage Korea, has offered a very limited number of free places for international students to take their online course Project Management in East Asia which has launched this week. We are giving successful graduates of the course 'Considering Economic Engagement' the first notification of the chance to apply for this course. For students of European universities recognising ECTS credits, a certificate of successful completion of 'Project Management in East Asia' will be worth 3 ECTS.  Please find a course outline below.

For those interested to join, please get in touch as soon as possible with a brief message outlining

  *   why you would like to participate;
  *   your commitment to fulfilling the course requirements; and
  *   any educational or life experience that may help you to participate.

Please send your application message to my Engage Korea colleague and friend Dr. Sabine Burghart at sabine.burghart at utu.fi<mailto:sabine.burghart at utu.fi>. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Matthew Bates


Economics Program Director, Engage Korea

Project Management in East Asia (3 ECTS)

Level: Master’s level

Language: English

Time: Autumn term 2018, 1.10. – 25.11.2018.

Organizer: University of Turku / Finnish University Network for Asian Studies

Goals: This course is designed to train students in developing and ‘selling’ an idea, drafting a project proposal, writing in a concise manner etc. At the end of the course students will be familiar with central aspects of project cycle management. During the course students will be required to work, meet and interact with each other online. The group work assignment (drafting a final project proposal) will enhance their online teamwork skills, which are essential in today’s working life. Course participants will exchange, discuss ideas and make decisions with other group members. By means of drafting projects for different environments students deepen their intercultural and institutional sensitivity, and learn how to transfer their theoretical knowledge into skills of practical implementation.

Contents: This course introduces students to project management in general and in East Asia in particular. Students learn to design and plan a concrete (notional) project, organize and manage resources to achieve the specific project goals, outcomes and outputs. Lectures on project management are provided by practitioners working in various sectors in East Asia. Students are required to do the readings, watch all lectures and do small exercises. Based on the lectures students draft in groups a project proposal for a project that could be implemented in East Asia.  Lecturers will provide individual feedback on student assignments. There will be students from Finnish and U.S. universities in this course.

Taken as: Online lectures, reading materials, exercises, final project proposal as a teamwork. Because the final project is completed as a group work, students are expected to stay committed to finish the course.

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