[KS] Conference Invitation: Geopolitical future of Northeast Asia – the role of North Korea and the new “Northern policy” of South Korea

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Conference Invitation: Geopolitical future of Northeast Asia – the role ofNorth Korea and the new “Northern policy” of South Korea

Dear list members, 
we cordiallyinvite you to a one-day conference at Hallym University of Graduate Studies inGangnam, Seoul on October 29, 2018, to discuss the geo-political future ofNortheast Asia. With the surprise engagement policy of North Korea from early2018 finally new movement came into geopolitics in the region. South Koreaunder the Moon Jae-In government proposed a new Northern policy to connectcloser to Russia and also relations to Japan until now proceed relativelysmooth. North Korea has the chance to become closer again to all actors in theregion after its gradual isolation brought about by nuclear policy andsubsequent rounds of sanctions. However, the stance of the US under the Trumpadministration is not yet very clear – will it become a surprise leader ofpeace in the region, or will the threat of trade wars with China and Russiadestroy the hopes for improvement of the situation? Japan currently tries tofind its new role in Northeast Asian geopolitics but has to cope not only withdomestic economic problems, but also with challenges in its traditional alliancewith the US and due to unresolved issues with its neighbours. In thissituation, the one-day-conference at Hallym University of Graduate Studiesbrings together leading experts from Korea, Russia, and Japan as well as othercountries to discuss the geo-political future of Northeast Asia. We look forward to yourparticipation in the conference.



Prof. Dr. Youn Ik Joong                                             Dr. Bernhard Seliger

Faculty of International Studies                                 ResidentRepresentative

Hallym University of Graduate Studies                     Hanns-Seidel-FoundationKorea


                                                                                    HallymUniversity of Graduate Studies


For further inquiries please contact:

Ms. Carina Maiweg

Hanns-Seidel-Foundation Korea Office

Tel. 02 7905344

e-mail: for2 at hss.or.kr

Conference Program


When?             October29th, 2018 


Where?          Hallym University of GraduateStudies Conference Hall


 9.30 –10.00      Registration

 10.00 - 10.20    Opening ceremony

Opening remarks of Prof. Dr. Youn Ik Joong,Facultyof International Studies, Hallym University of GraduateStudie
Dr. Bernhard Seliger, Resident Representative of HSFKorea, Adjunct Professor at Hallym University of Graduate Studies Congratulatory remark by Hartmut Koschyk,President of One Korea Foundation, Co-President of German-Korean Forum, formerhead of the German-Korean Parliamentary Group
10.20  –10.30    break
 10.30  –12.30   First session: North Korea´sSurprise Opening and Prospects for Peaceful
Relations in Northeast Asia
Moderator: Dr. Bernhard Seliger

Prof. Andrey Gubin, Associate Professor, School of Regional and International Studies, FarEastern Federal University (Vladivostok, Russia), “DPRK’s contemporary military potential”


Prof. Sung Weonyong, School of Northeast AsianStudies, Incheon National University, “New Northern Policy under Moon Jae-In administrationwithin the framework of new economic cooperation in Northeast Asia”


Chad O’Carroll, Managing Director, Korea Risk Group, "Understandingrecent changes in North Korea: What 2018 means for business / economics on thepeninsula"

Discussant: June Park,PhD, Adjunct Professor of International Political Economy, Hanyang University,Division of International Studies
12.30 -14.00    break

14.00-15.30     Second Session: Russia, China, theNew Northern Policy, and Japan


 Moderator: Prof.Youn Ik Joong (Hallym University of Graduate Studies) 


Prof. Choo Jaewoo, Department of Chinese Studies, KyungheeUniversity, “North Korea’s Opening and New North Korea-Chinese Relations”


Ms. Anastasia Barannikova, ResearchFellow, ADM Nevelskoy Maritime State University (Vladivostok, Russia), “NuclearWeapons of the DPRK and NEA security” 


Prof. Mimaki Seiko, TakasakiCity University of Economics, “Korean Peninsula issues and Northeast Asianstability and peace from Japanese perspectives (working title)“

Discussant: Prof.Choe Wongi, Department of International Economy and TradeStudies, Korea National Diplomatic Academy (KNDA)

15.30-16.00      break


16.00-17.30     Third Session: Economic integration of NortheastAsia; new perspectives after the opening of North Korea?


Moderator: Makino Yoshihiro (Asahi Sinbum) (TBD)


Dr. Jung Giwoong, Hankuk University of ForeignStudies, “Inviting DPRK to the Northeast Asian Economic Cooperation”


Michael Spavor, Paektu Cultural Exchange,"International Economic Cooperation with the DPRK"


Benjamin Katzeff Silberstein, AssociateScholar, Foreign Policy Research Institute, co-editor North Korean EconomyWatch, "North Korea-China trade under sanctions: what the data tellsus"


Discussant: Prof. Kim Hyunwook, Korea National Diplomatic Academy(KNDA)

 17.30-18.00     Closing session: Roundtablediscussion with all participants

18.00-18.15      Closing remarks (Prof. Dr. Youn Ik Joong,Prof. Dr. Bernhard Seliger)

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