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Jangseogak Archives of the Academy of Korean Studies ([https://jsg.aks.ac.kr
](https://jsg.aks.ac.kr/)) is pleased to announce an opportunity for
institutions to acquire five English Jangseogak Archives publications. The
books will be provided free of charge, but interested institutions will
have to pay the shipping fee.

The five books cover various materials stored at the Jangseogak Archives,
with many texts translated to English for the first time and accompanied by
high-resolution illustrations. Materials covered include the Korean script
(Hangeul), rare documents from the *yangban* or aristocracy of Joseon
dynasty, and objects previously reserved only for the royal family of the
Joseon Dynasty.

Please submit your request (via the form below) by March 8th, 2019. Click
the title for more detailed introductions of each book. Note that these
books are reserved for institutional usage, and thus will only be shipped
to institutional address. If you want to order books, please click here :

Here is the list of books

Hangeul(한글): Voice of Diversity

Flowering Among Rocks: Sources from the Dongnakdang Hall of the Yeoju Yi
Clan <http://book.aks.ac.kr/section/book/akstotal_view.asp?idx=8422>

Loyal and Virtuous: The Head Family of the Haeju Jeong Clan

Jangseogak Archives Masterpieces

More Than Wills: Property Distribution Documents of the Joseon Dynasty

*Ye Joo (Jenny) Lee*

* <http://www.kongnpark.com/>*
jenny at kongnpark.com

*C* +82 (0)10 8944 3820
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