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New Korea-Related Content: /Cross-Currents: East Asian History and 
Culture Review/ (June 2019 online issue) 

*_Review Essays_*


"Chosŏn Reconsidered" 
by Adam Bohnet (King’s University College at the University of Western 
• Yuanchong Wang. /Remaking the Chinese Empire: Manchu-Korean Relations, 
1616–1911/. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2018. 300 pp.
• Eugene Y. Park. /A Genealogy of Dissent: The Progeny of Fallen Royals 
in Chosŏn Korea. /Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2018. 288 pp.

"Seeking Modernity in Twentieth-Century Korea through Sugar" 
by Young-Suk Lee, Gwangju University
• Lee Eunhee 이은희. /Sŏlt’ang, kŭndaeŭi hyŏngmyŏng: Han’guk sŏlt’ang 
sanŏpkwa/ /sobiŭi yŏksa/ 설탕, 근대의혁명: 한국설탕산업과소비의역사[Sugar, 
the modern revolution: The history of Korea’s sugar industry and 
consumption]. Seoul: Jisik-Sanup Publications, 2018. 512 pp.


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