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Hosted by the Research Institute of Korean Studies atKorea University Sponsored by the Pony Chung Foundation

TheFourth PonyChung Fellowship

forYoung Korean Studies Scholars


 1. PROGRAM OBJECTIVES                                                                                               

Korean Studies has been quantitatively and qualitatively progressing abroad, and many new researchers are constantly emerging. 

Nevertheless, there are still not enough opportunities for young overseas researchers to visit Korea to explore new themes and increase their expertise in Korean Studies. 

Even if there might be opportunities to visit, there are many cases where researchers cannot acquire the proper research infrastructure or find effective ways to communicate and collaborate with domestic researchers. 

This issue is a huge loss not only for the research parties involved, but for the field of Korean Studies as a whole.

The Research Institute of Korean Studies (RIKS) at Korea University, with support from the Pony Chung Foundation, established the ‘Pony Chung Fellowship’ for Young Korean Studies Scholars in 2016. 

The goal of this program is to provide young international scholars in the field of Korean Studies with financial support, a suitable research infrastructure, 

and a platform on which they can share ideas and research outcomes with others in the field. Through this program, scholars are able to develop their topics and further expand their research, 

thereby contributing to the overall development and globalization of Korean Studies. Prospective participants are invited to submit their applications.


 2. ELIGIBILITY                                                                                                                             


○       Researchers ofnon-Korean nationalitywho havereceived their PhDin thefield ofKorean Studies (includes humanities, social sciences, and comparative international research with afocus on Korean Studies)

○       Researchers of Korean nationality who hold dual citizenship and have received a PhD in the field of Korean Studies

※Scholars of South Korean nationality areencouraged to apply to

the‘Pony Chung Scholarship Grant’ (http://www.ponychung.org)

○   Applicants who have received their doctoral degreewithin fiveyears ofthestart offunding

○   Applicants who have concrete plans to publish their research findings through a foreign university press within three years of the end of the fellowship period are given precedence


 3. NUMBERAND DURATIONOFAPPOINTMENT                                                                 


○  Number ofAppointments: Three

○  Duration ofFunding: March 2020 –February2021(or September 2020–August 2021)


 4. FELLOWSHIP BENEFITS                                                                                                        ­

PonyChungResearch Funding: Up to KRW 50,000,000 (≒USD 44,000) per year - tax and airfare included

Publication Funding: KRW 10,000,000 (≒USD 8,800)- Provided upon completion of the publishing contract (within 3 years of the conclusion of the Fellowship)

Appointed as aresearch professor by thepresident ofKorea University

Shared office spacewill be provided at theResearch Institute ofKorean Studies (RIKS)

Assistance in making the arrangements to livein the Korea University dormitory


 5. APPLICATIONPROCEDURE                                                                                                 

: June 30, 2019(submit application deadline)
: July 2019 (initial review)
: August 2019 (interview, if reqired)
: August 30, 2019 (final decision)
* PONY CHUNG Fellowship Selection Committee will carry out evaluations 


 6. REQUIRED DOCUMENTS                                                                                                     


Curriculum Vitae

Research Statement

Oneletterofrecommendation from an academic advisor or a distinguished scholar

: Recommenders should send letters ofreference directly toicks at korea.ac.kr


 7. DUTIES OF BENEFICIARIES                                                                                                


Participate and present in the ‘Pony Chung Fellowship Symposium’

(Pony Chung Fellowship Symposium is held annually at the end of February)

Present at the ‘Pony Chung Lecture’ at the Research Institute of Korean Studies

Participate as a RIKS Academy mentor (RIKS Academy held annually in early August)

Participate in academic events at the Research Institute of Korean Studies

Submit a report on the results of your research within three months following the end of the Fellowship period

(Report must include the research activities based on the Research Proposal conducted during the Fellowship period, academic lecture, the submission and publication of your thesis, etc.)


 8. OTHERINFORMATION                                                                                                          


Those who have received disciplinaryactions related to research funding from theKorean government ordomestic support organizations are not eligible to apply

○  Submission Deadline: June30, 2019 (Korean Standard Time)

※Documents received after thedeadline will notbeconsidered

Decision Notification: August 2019

(A decision notice will besent to theapplicant)

Application: Email application only(icks at korea.ac.kr)

Contact Information: International Center for Korean Studies, Research Institute ofKorean Studies, Korea UniversityTelephone: +82-2-3290-2595 / Email: icks at korea.ac.kr

  ※ Please visit the website for the details: https://riks.korea.ac.kr/square/notice/detail/844

International Center for Korean Studies,

A208, RIKS, Korea University

Anamdong, Sungbukgu, Seoul, Korea


Tel: 82-2-3290-2595

RIKS(Research Institute of Korean Studies): https://riks.korea.ac.kr/

Cross-Currents: https://cross-currents.berkeley.edu/
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