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Announcement of European Journal of Korean Studies Vol 18 (1)

The European Journal of Korean Studies aims to be the leading peer-reviewed, citation-indexed outlet for academic output in Europe in the English language, providing European and global scholars of Korea a venue that we know has been much in demand, long called for, and greatly anticipated.

Table of Contents

‘Why Has There Been No People’s Power Revolution in North Korea?’
ANDREW JACKSON (Monash University)

‘The Invisibility of Korean Translators in Missionary Translation: The Case of the Peep of Day (1833)
GOEUN LEE (Academy of Korean Studies)

‘The Rise and Fall of the Ŭnhasu Orchestra’
PEKKA KORHONEN (University of Jyväskylä)
WERNER KOIDL (Independent Scholar)

‘The Role of the Mongolian People’s Republic in the Korean War’
DENZENLKHAM ULAMBAYAR (University of the Humanities, Ulaanbaatar)

‘German Studies of Koreans in Manchuria: Gustav Fochler-Hauke
and the Influence of Karl Haushofer’s National Socialist Geopolitics’
ADAM CATHCART (University of Leeds)
ROBERT WINSTANLEY-CHESTERS, (University of Leeds / Birkbeck, University of London)

Articles in this issue encompass a wide gamut of datasets and temporalities. Among them are Mongolia’s contribution to the Korean War, translation practices within missionary work in Korea and consideration of something that does not exist, namely, popular rebellion in North Korea. This issue also includes an exquisitely detailed article on the role of popular music groups in the political frameworks and governance practices of Pyongyang. The European Journal of Korean Studies Vol 18 (1) also offers reviews of some of the most intriguing recent book length writing, including works by Nianshen Song, Norman Smith, Dafna Zur and Remco Breuker.

We welcome new writing by scholars from Western and Eastern Europe, Korea, Australasia, and beyond and hope that readers will consider submitting their own work for future issues. We take a detailed approach to peer review and copy editing, are committed to diversity and take particular pride in our work with early career scholars The journal appears twice a year, has an ISSN number and is now a member of Crossref.  SSCI and other citation indexing is in progress.

To obtain a copy of the European Journal of Korean Studies visit our website for further information at www.ejks.org.uk and purchase a subscription, individual issues or articles. You may also become a member of the British Association for Korean Studies and receive this, future and past issues free of charge.

Editor in Chief - Dr Adam Cathcart (University of Leeds)
Managing Editor - Dr Robert Winstanley-Chesters (University of Leeds / Birkbeck, University of London)

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