[KS] [Resent] [Call for Papers] International Journal of Korean Unification Studies, Vol. 28, No.1 (~April 21)

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Dear Korean Studies,
It would be appreciated if you circulate this email with attatched guidline and code of ethics removing the email sent previously.
This is from Korea Institute for National Unification, South Korean government-affiliated think thank.
I would appreciate it if you could circulate this call for paper to Korean Studies listed members.
Thank you in advance.



[Call for Papers]
International Journal of Korean Unification Studies, Vol. 28, No.1
Authors may submit manuscripts for consideration via e-mail at kinujournal at kinu.or.kr
1. Eligibility
ㅇ Professors, research fellows, etc. of universities and research institutes, independent researchers with doctorate degree
ㅇ Experts in the field of North Korean studies and unification studies or a person of qualification commensurating with such criteria
2. Journal´s Area of Coverage
ㅇ Inter-Korean relations
ㅇ Korean unification
ㅇ North Korea
ㅇ Northeast Asian security and international affairs, etc.
3. Submission Guide and Deadline
ㅇLength: 6,000-10,000 words (Font size 12), abstract and short biography (approximately 150 words each)
※Use MS-Word only※
ㅇSubmit to: kinujournal at kinu.or.kr; (Tel) +82 2 2023 8208 (email is preferred)
ㅇSubmission Deadline: Sunday, April 21, 2019
Submission of a paper will be held to imply that it contains original unpublished work and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere; manuscripts under consideration for publication elsewhere are ineligible. This also assumes the fact that the author abides by the Code of Ethical Behavior and is willing to accept liability, if one fails to meet the Code of Ethical Behavior.
We provide an honorarium for the articles that have been chosen for publication. For more information, please refer to the attached Manuscript Guideline and Code of Ethical Behavior (the two files are available for download below). Please check out the lists of IJKUS on the following website link:



Lim Yeowon
Research Associate & English Editor
International Journal of Korean Unification Studies 
External Affairs and Public Relations Team
Korea Institute for National Unification
임여원 연구원 (영문논총 편집간사 & 영문에디터)
통일연구원 기획조정실 대외홍보팀
Tel(O): 02-2023-8208
E-mail: ds1kde at kinu.or.kr








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