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Wed May 1 08:29:13 EDT 2019

Dear list members,

I would like to announce the publication of ‘Boundaries and identities
through material culture: multi-disciplinary approaches from Early Korea’ a
special issue of Asian Perspectives (vol. 58 no. 1) co-edited by myself and
Dennis Lee. It can be found at https://muse.jhu.edu/issue/40255

The issue showcases scholarship from early career scholars ranging
chronologically from the Mumun, Iron Age, and Proto-Three Kingdoms to the
Three Kingdoms periods that challenge the geographic, intellectual, and
disciplinary boundaries that have limited Early Korean studies in the past.
The articles draw on literary studies, archaeometric techniques, and
critiques of mainstream historiography in addition to more traditional
historical and archaeological methodologies. Several papers deconstruct
historical periods and polities, with a particular focus on challenging the
textual narrative of the Three Kingdoms period with archaeological data.

The issue also honors the contributions to the field of two great scholars
we lost in 2018. A tribute to Hyung Il Pai is written by Lothar von
Falkenhausen and the issue as a whole is dedicated to Martin Bale.

We’re excited to bring this contribution to the Korean Studies community.
The full list of authors and articles is as follows:

Early Korea: Re-thinking Boundaries and Identities by *Jack DAVEY and
Dennis LEE *

Identification and Chronology of Some Koguryŏ Royal Tombs by *Mark E.

Paekche King Kŭnch’ogo’s Twisted Journey to the South: A Textual and
Archaeological Perspective by *Dennis LEE *

Wooden Inscriptions and the Culture of Writing in Sabi Paekche by *Marjorie

Gendered Spaces and Prehistoric Households: A Geospatial Analysis of Mumun
Period Pithouses from South Korea by *Rachel J. LEE *

A Critical Examination of Models Regarding a Han 韓 and Ye 濊 Ethnic Division
in Proto-Historic Central Korea, and Further Implications by *Hari

Culture Contact and Cultural Boundaries in Iron Age Southern Korea by *Jack

Ceramics and Society in Mahan and Paekche: A Comparison of Pottery
Geochemistry and Craft Production Patterns at the Sites of P’ungnap T’osŏng
and Kwangju Palsan by *Rory WALSH, Gyoung-Ah LEE, and Young-Cheol LEE *

Overlooked Imports: Carnelian Beads in the Korean Peninsula 180 by *Lauren

Obituary: Hyung Il Pai by *Lothar VON FALKENHAUSEN *

-Jack Davey
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