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The Center for Korean Research in the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University is pleased to announce the publication of the Journal of Korean Studies special thematic October 2019 issue “Archives, Archival Practices, and the Writing of History in Premodern Korea, “ volume 24, no.2, guest edited by Jungwon Kim.  


The articles will be available online shortly through read.dukeupress.edu and Project MUSE, including for individuals not affiliated with a subscribing institution. The abstracts for the current issue are available at  <http://jks.weai.columbia.edu/volumes/> jks.weai.columbia.edu.


The Journal of Korean Studies (JKS) publishes articles in all disciplines and across all time periods, both historical and contemporary. The JKS is committed to articles that engage with a Korea-related topic in a substantial way, take existing scholarship (in Korean and/or other languages) into account, and explore new methodologies and theoretical frameworks that speak to readerships beyond Korean studies. We encourage transnational, interdisciplinary approaches to scholarship.


JKS welcomes submissions year round for publication in the spring issue. For more information please visit  <http://jks.weai.columbia.edu/> jks.weai.columbia.edu and  <https://www.dukeupress.edu/journal-of-korean-studies/> https://www.dukeupress.edu/journal-of-korean-studies/


The Journal of Korean Studies, October 2019, Volume 24, No.2


Editor’s Note


Archives, Archival Practices, and the Writing of History in Premodern Korea: An Introduction
Jungwon Kim


Archival Practice in Premodern Korea: Record-Keeping as Archive an as Historiography 
Sem Vermeersch


Culling Archival Collections in the Koryŏ-Chosŏn Transition 
Graeme Reynolds


Compiling Diplomacy: Record-Keeping and Archival Practices in Chosŏn Korea 
Sixiang Wang


Silencing the Culture of Chosŏn Buddhism: The Ideology of Exclusion of the Chosŏn Wangjo Sillok 
Sung-Eun Thomas Kim


The Late Chosŏn Korean Catholic Archives: Documenting this World and the Next 
Franklin Rausch


Vernacular Itineraries: Korean Letters from Family to National Archive 
Ksenia Chizhova


Vernacular Story in and as Archives: (Re)Making Xingshi yan Stories in Early Modern China and Korea
Yuan Ye


Korean Studies in the Global Humanities: A Roundtable Discussion Transcript
Edited by Stephen Choi


Book Reviews

Living on Your Own: Single Women, Rental Housing, and Post-Revolutionary Affect in Contemporary South Korea by Jesook Song
Reviewed by Robert Oppenheim


Reconstructing Ancient Korean History: The Formation of Korean-ness in the Shadow of History by Stella Xu 
Reviewed by Christopher J. Bae


Pop City: Korean Popular Culture and the Selling of Place by Youjeong Oh
Reviewed by So-Rim Lee


Dynamic Korea and Rhythmic Form by Katherine In-Young Lee
Reviewed by Stephanie Choi


Rat Fire: Korean Stories from the Japanese Empire edited by Theodore Hughes, Jae-yong Kim, Jin-kyung Lee, Sang-kyung Lee
Reviewed by Immanuel Kim


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