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To the Members of the Korean Studies List,

A definitive record of the 2016-17 Candlelight Revolution in South Korea is
now available in English. *A Record of Candlelight--*written by Seok-woon
Park (박석운) and Je-jun Joo (주제준) and published by the Committee for Records
and Memorial of the People's Emergency Action for the Resignation of the
Park Geun-hye Administration--is a detailed account of the watershed event.
Below is the information about the publication and its distribution, as
announced by Tae-Ung Baik, the director of the Center for Korean Studies at
the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The Center is helping to promote and
distribute the book. The book is free. If you are interested in obtaining a
copy, please email us at kscord at hawaii.edu. Thank you.


To the Korean Studies Community,

Greetings. I am writing to share the news of the English-language
publication of *A Record of Candlelight* (*촛불의* *기록*), a definitive account
of what has come to be known as the Candlelight Revolution of 2016-2017. I
join many others who feel uplifted to see this publication, especially in
time for the five-year mark of the watershed event.

Organized by the *People’s Emergency Action for the Resignation of the Park
Geun-hye Administration *(*박근혜정권* *퇴진* *비상국민행동*), the movement lasted from
October 2016 to April 2017 and was joined by seventeen million people from
all walks of life, the people who filled the streets of South Korea for six
months. The unprecedented demonstrations of the Candlelight Revolution
resulted in the impeachment, trial, and sentencing of President Park

*The* *authors* *Seok-woon Park (**박석운**)* and *Je-jun Joo (**주제준**)* were
members of the Situation Room of the People’s Emergency Action. They
witnessed the unfolding of people’s protests, and they wrote the two-volume
Korean edition in June 2018 (published by *Committee for Records and
Memorial of the People’s Emergency Action *(*박근혜정권* *퇴진* *비상국민행동* *기록기념위원회*
). After two years of translation efforts, the English edition is now
available to the public. Congratulations to the authors and the translators.

*The* *Center for Korean Studies at the* *University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa*—in
partnership with the publisher Committee for Records and Memorial of the
People’s Emergency Action AND the* Academy of Korean Studies*—is proud to
assist in promoting and distributing the book. The Academy of Korean
Studies is currently in the process of shipping the book to four hundred
Korean studies centers and programs around the world.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of *A Record of Candlelight*,
please email us at kscord at hawaii.edu. You will receive a copy at no cost.
Below is the Table of Contents for your reference.

We are certain that this publication will not only shed light on South
Korea’s revolutionary event but also advance the research, education, and
knowledge of social movements in general.

Best regards,

Tae-Ung Baik

Professor, William S. Richardson School of Law

Director, Center for Korean Studies

University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

Chair-Rapporteur, UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances

*A Record of Candlelight*
“Every day with the 17 million strong candlelight movement was a happy one”
By Seok-woon Park and Je-jun Joo

*Table of Contents*
Preface for the English Edition 4
Prologue 10
South Korea before the Candlelight Movement 19

Social movements in modern Korean
The first candlelight rallies
Democracy erodes under Lee Myung-bak 41 Four years under Park Geun-hye

The Candlelight Resistance 61


Phase I: Spark and Explosion of Resistance 69

Park’s abuse of power revealed
JTBC reports on Choi’s tablet
The people and politicians respond 84 The first candlelight rally
Park attempts cover-up
Candlelight movement expands 112 President and politicians respond 115 The
birth of PEA
One million strong candlelight rally

Phase II: Rise and Spread of The Resistance 131

Impeachment talk begins
Candlelight rallies spread nationwide
Prosecutors office issues early findings
The fifth candlelight rally
Park attempts to salvage the situation
People call for Park’s immediate resignation
Impeachment motion passes

Phase III: Continuation of Resistance 179

Park fights back as rallies continue
One million join next rally
PEA launches anti-corruption project
Park-brand policies continue
Push for resignation by year’s end
December candlelight rallies
PEA creates six anti-corruption goals
Park continues to fight back as trial begins
PEA’s January response plans
Constitutional Court ruling approaches
PEA’s February response plans
Military coup plot revealed
Dismissal of Park Geun-hye

Phase IV: Denouement of the Candlelight Rallies 275

Victory of the candlelight
Presidential election campaigns
Victorious candlelight will never fade
New government takes office
Discussion on PEA's Future

Structure and Management of PEA 305

Status and role
Name and initial structure
Groups participating in PEA and regional PEAs
Formation of National Representatives Meeting
Operational and structural development

National Candlelight Report 317

Candlelight shining all over the country
Regional candlelight movement

International Candlelight Rallies Calling for Park’s Resignation 329
Park Geun-hye & Choi Soon-sil Trial Process 339
Foreign Press Coverage 347
Epilogue 355
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