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Brother Anthony ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr
Thu Apr 1 00:04:39 EDT 2021

Being a retired academic living in Korea in the midst of a worldwide Pandemic means that one has some free time on one's hands, especially now that I have ceased to be the President of RAS Korea after 10 years. My main reason for writing to the List today is because I have just finished putting online a page devoted to the Italian 2-volume publication 'Corea e Coreani' by Carlo Rossetti that was published in 1904-5. These volumes are now easily available in reprint (the originals are exceedingly rare, although I do have them in my library) and the reprints that I have seen reproduce the many photographs in quite good quality, unlike the Korean translation published some years ago. The main problem with the work is the difficulty for many of us (even me) of reading texts in Italian. An old university friend of mine who is an expert in Italian has agreed to translate the books into English in his spare time, for the fun of it, and for friendship's sake. This he has now done. 

As a result, my Carlo Rossetti index page http://anthony.sogang.ac.kr/Rossetti/Scans/CoreaeCoreani.html  offers multiple files covering both volumes: 
(1) PDF files of each chapter as published including the photos (linked to the title of each chapter in the index page)
(2) MS Word files of the Italian text of each chapter
(3) MS Word files of the English translation of each chapter
(4) PDF files of the complete Italian text of each volume
(5) PDF files of the complete English translation of each volume 

If time allows I plan to add scans of more of the photos later, a few can be seen at http://anthony.sogang.ac.kr/Rossetti/photos.htm 

If any publisher is interested in publishing these English translations, they can write to me.

I would also like to point toward my James Scarth Gale page http://anthony.sogang.ac.kr/JamesScarthGale.html which builds on my previous work on putting the Korea Magazine online http://anthony.sogang.ac.kr/KoreaMagazineTOC.html  so that the JSG page includes the 80+ page biography of Gale by Richard Rutt, and all the translations and other texts that Gale published in The Korea Mission Field in addition to all the translations included in Gale's History of the Korean People, and also Rutt's Bibliography of JSG.

Otherwise, the Pandemic has seen me switch from poetry to fiction and I am now working on my 5th Korean novel for my agent, who is better at sending me files than at finding publishers, and the 2 Gong Ji-young novels I have finished have not yet appealed to publishers who seem mostly to want psychological thrillers or Young Adult stuff.

I would like to salute the courage of my colleagues round the globe who are having to do almost all their teaching and supervision online. Retirement has its compensations.

Brother Anthony
President Emeritus, RAS Korea

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