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Thu Apr 1 10:15:19 EDT 2021

Dear List Members,

We are pleased to announce the imminent publication of our new book
entitled, *Rights Claiming in South Korea*, edited by Celeste Arrington and
Patricia Goedde. The table of contents is below.

For more information, please visit: www.cambridge.org/9781108841337
If you would like a *20% discount*, enter the code RCSK2021 at the checkout.

In addition, we will have *a virtual webinar on April 6* about this new
book at the George Washington University Institute for Korean Studies
(GWIKS). For more information about registering for the event, see

*Table of Contents*
Introduction: Rights in Action - Patricia Goedde and Celeste L. Arrington

1. Legal Disputes, Women's Legal Voice, and Petitioning in Late Joseon
Korea - *Jisoo Kim*

2. Defying Claims of Legal Incompetence: Women's Lawsuits over Separate
Property Rights
in Colonial Korea - *Sungyun Lim*

3. ‘Equal' Second-Class Citizens: Post-Colonial Democracy and Women's
Rights in Post-
Liberation South Korea - *Eunkyung Kim*

4. A Clash of Claims: the Diversity and Effectiveness of Rights Claims
around the Jeju 4.3
Events - *Hun Joon Kim*

5. Advancing Human Rights, Advancing a Nation: Becoming a Seonjinguk via
the National
Human Rights Commission of Korea - *Soo-Young Hwang*

6. The Constitutional Court as a Facilitator of Fundamental Rights Claiming
in Korea, 1988–
2018 - *Hannes B. Mosler*

7. Rights Claiming through the Courts: Changing Legal Opportunity
Structures in South
Korea - *Celeste L. Arrington*

8. Public Interest Lawyering in Korea: Trends in Institutional Development
- *Patricia Goedde*

9. From ‘We are not machines, we are humans' to ‘We are workers, we want to
work': the
Changing Notion of Labor Rights in Korea - *Yoonkyung Lee*

10. From Invisible Beneficiaries to Independent Rights-Holders: How the
Disability Rights
Movement Changed the Law and Korean Society - *JaeWon Kim*

11. The Politics of Postponement and Sexual Minority Rights in Korea - *Ju
Hui Judy Han*

12. Discovering Diversity: the Anti Discrimination Legislation Movement in
South Korea -
*Jihye Kim and Sung Soo Hong*

13. Non-citizenship Rights: Migrant Rights and Hierarchies in South
Korea - *Erin

14. Claiming Citizenship: Rights Claiming and Recognition for North Koreans
Entering South
Korea - *Sheena Chestnut Greitens*

Conclusion: Findings and Future Directions - Celeste L. Arrington and
Patricia Goedde

*Celeste Arrington*

Korea Foundation Associate Professor of Political Science and International
The George Washington University

cla at gwu.edu

clarrington at gmail.com

Author of *Accidental Activists

Website: www.clarrington.com
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