[KS] Upcoming Online Seminar (15/04): Prof. Vladimir Tikhonov (Oslo University) on International Solidarity & Korean Modernity @The University of Melbourne

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Mon Apr 5 19:02:30 EDT 2021

Dear all,

Please join us next Thursday, 15 April. Flyer is attached.

Korean Studies Research Hub
Korean Studies Seminar Series
The University of Melbourne
Thursday 15 April
6-7PM AEST // 5-6PM KST
Online via Zoom
Register here

*Prof. Vladimir Tikhonov (Oslo University): Korea in the World –
International Solidarity and Korean Modernity*

While Korea’s 20th century is often discussed in terms of national
movements and nationalism, it is hard to overlook the embeddedness of
diverse articulations of Korean nation-hood in a variety of more global
visions. From its early 20th century beginnings, Korean nationalism was
always international. It envisioned Korea either joining the ranks of the
world’s dominant states or contributing to the struggles against the global
system of domination. Even in the former case, however, narratives dealing
with the weaker nations crushed by imperialist juggernaut were to be
studied in order to avoid falling into the same trap. Most systems of
Korean national(ist) thought used to exhibit keen interest in the fate of the
world’s weak and downtrodden.
In this seminar, Professor Tikhonov will discuss cases when this interest
was strongly tinged by sympathy and willingness to solidarise with the
victims of imperialist predations abroad. The presentation will start with
pre-1910 manifestations of sympathy with Vietnam’s and Egypt’s causes. It
will also focus on largely forgotten colonial-age personalities such as Yi
Yǒsǒng (1901-?), a polymath who wrote on the anti- colonial struggles in
places such as Egypt, the Philippines, Palestine, Vietnam, and on the
anti-racist movements among the US Blacks. Additionally, it will dwell on
both North Korea’s long-term and financially costly exercises in aiding the
Cuban, Vietnamese, Palestinian, Zimbabwean and Black Panthers’ causes and
South Korean engagement with Third World literature and thought in the
1960s-80s. The presentation will provide a general overview of global
anti-colonialism’s place in shaping Korea’s long 20th century.

Vladimir Tikhonov is a professor of Korean and East Asian studies at the
Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, Oslo University.
Previously, he taught at Kyunghee University (Seoul, 1997-2000). His
research focuses on the history of modern ideas in Korea. He recently
published *Social Darwinism and Nationalism in Korea: the Beginnings*
(Brill, 2010) as well as *Modern Korea and its Others: Perceptions of the
Neighbouring Countries and Korean Modernity *(Routledge, 2015). He also
recently co-edited *Buddhist Modernities: Re- inventing Tradition in the
Globalizing Modern World* (Routledge, 2017) and *Military Chaplaincy in an
Era of Religious Pluralism* (Oxford University Press, 2017).

All warmly welcome, but registration is required
This event is also listed on Facebook <https://fb.me/e/1kezy5GDa>.
Enquiries: gus at unimelb.edu.au

Dr. Ryan S. Gustafsson
Asia Institute
University of Melbourne
pronouns: they/them/their
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