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Dear Members and Friends of RAS Korea,

Happy New Year!! Hope all of you will be happier and healthier in 2021. 
Here's your quick overview of what is happening around RAS Korea this week.
1) RAS Korea's Korean Literature Club (Jan. 7)
Book Title: 'One Left' (by Kim Soom)
Date: January 7, 2021. 7:30PM (Seoul)
Leader: Yonjoo Hong & Brother Anthony

** Zoom Link:
    Meeting ID: 810 4508 4165
    Passcode: 727904  
* Registration is not required.

2) RAS Korea's Online Lecture (Jan. 12) 
Topic: North Korea - A Failed Revolution if not a Failed State
Lecturer: Michael Seth
Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2021. 07:30PM

** Zoom Link:
  Meeting ID: 832 0847 4484
  Passcode: 999813
* Registration is not required.

3) Korea's YouTube channel - Online Lecture Video Archive
If you missed any online lectures, you can find and watch them here. 
Please click 'Subscribe' and 'Like' buttons at the RAS Korea's Youtube channel.  

4) RAS Korea Book Note:
'Olympic Boulevard'
by Philip Onho Lee (Author), John Cha (Translator), 2016, Seoul Selection

Olympic Boulevard is a street in Los Angeles that passes through many neighborhoods including Koreatown, where Phillip Ohno Lee sets his novel.  Olympic Boulevard is the story of the immigrant experience in America as seen through the eyes of Korean immigrants who came to the United States in the early 1960s to establish themselves and to try to achieve the American Dream. The novel tells the story of Myung Tay, who comes to America with his best friend Hongdari to seek a different life. His life has ups and downs as he opens a dry cleaning store on Olympic Boulevard and faces the challenges of fitting into Los Angeles, fitting into the Angeleno Korean community, and making the sacrifices necessary to create a better life for his children.

5) Facebook page, 'History of Korea'
A friend of RAS Korea has started a new FB page, at https://www.facebook.com/HistoryofKorea.  You are invited to check it out. 

6) RAS Korea's Dongducheon Foreign Language High School Branch
We are pleased to announce the election of Shin Suhyeon as the 2021 president of the RAS Korea's Dongducheon Foreign Language High School Branch. We wish her and the new team well. We thank Cho Yoonsung, 2020 president for a year well-served--which saw the production of the booklet of Terms and Essays on Korean History and Culture.  

7) New Volume of the "Korean Heritage" magazine  
The Winter 2020 edition of "Korean Heritage" magazine, published by the Cultural Heritage Administration (문화재청), is available online. We also have some printed copies in the office. If you are interested, please drop by pick up one copy (Tel. (02) 763-9483) or download PDF file by clicking here. 

8) KF Gallery VR Online Exhibition: Friendship Diary ( ~ 2021. 1. 20)
The KF Gallery operated by the Korea Foundation presents the third edition of the ASEAN Culture House Photo and Video Contest traveling exhibition, 'Friendship Diary'. The exhibition is held both online (as virtual tour) and offline, features 77 photos and 17 videos that were selected as finalists. For more details, please click here. 

Very best wishes.
Stay safe and healthy.
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