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Korea Institute for National Unification (KINU) is pleased to announce that it bas published an International Journal of Korean Unification Studies (IJKUS) vol. 29, no. 2 issue on December 31, 2021, which is available at the below link of KINU’s website without a login.
                                                           <Table of Contents>

			Feature Theme Papers
			Title: Peaceful Coexistence on the Korean Peninsula amid the COVID-19 Pandemic
			1.    Bilateral and Multilateral Aspects of a Probable Peace Regime on the Korean Peninsula (The View from Experts in Russia) by Georgy Bulychev and Valeriia Gorbacheva
			2.    Peaceful Coexistence and Sustainable Development on the Korean Peninsula during COVID-19: Non-Traditional Security Threat and the Prospect of Inter-Korean Cooperation by Gyubin Choi
			General Papers
			1.    The Japanese Surrender and the Division of Korea in 1945: Why Japan Delayed its Surrender Leading to the Division of Korea by Yông-ho Ch’oe
			2.    Making of the ‘Korean Question’: A Reassessment of India’s Position at the United Nations by Jitendra Uttam
			3.    Russian Far East on Korean Unification: Perspectives of Non-state Actors by Alex Soohoon Lee
			4.    An Analysis of the Trans-Korean Railway (TKR) and Trans-Siberian Railway (TSR) Linkage: International Cooperation and Constraints by Jiwon Yun

IJKUS is also accepting papers for the vol. 30, no.1 edition (publication date: June 30, 2021). The deadline for submission is April 21, 2021.
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