[KS] Latest cross-disciplinary analysis of the Korean diasporas in Mexico and Eurasia compared via South Korean diaspora outreach in both regions

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Fri Jul 23 14:50:55 EDT 2021

Dear All,

Please find the links to my recently published articles in The Diplomat
that deal with South Korean ethno-cultural soft power and diaspora outreach
in Latin America and Eurasia, analyzing and comparing the current
situations in Mexico, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan through the lens of
four most recent presidential regimes and last 20 years of South Korean
consistent foreign policy and public diplomacy in both regions.



Please note that the first part of this cross-disciplinary analysis has
been also published in Academia Letters, an experimental journal run by
Academia.edu for the ultra-short forms of academic research:


For those of you, who would like to read and/or re-visit my previous
publications in The Diplomat and listen to my podcasts at the Korean
Economic Institute of America on the topics of Korean diasporas in Central
Asia and Russia and my 2018 journey through North Korea on a passenger
train that traced the roots of Koryo Saram and repeated their original
route of border crossing into Russia through the Tumen river in the
tri-border area of North Korea, Russia and China, please follow the links








To see the full list of my academic and journalistic works, please visit:


Do not hesitate to drop me a line at vkimsky at gmail.com with your feedback,
questions and/or comments - and so many thanks in advance for your very
kind attention!


Victoria Kim
Researcher and multimedia journalist from Uzbekistan
M.A. in International Relations (Korean Studies) from the Johns Hopkins
University SAIS, USA
M.A in International Multimedia Journalism from the University of Bolton, UK

vkimsky at gmail.com
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