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The Center for Korean Studies at Ehess is very sad to inform the Korean Studies global community that its founder, Alexandre Guillemoz, passed away in Paris on July 21, 2021. He had just turned 80.

An ethnologist of Korean shamanism, whose study and perception he renewed in the late 1970s within the framework of a general anthropology of Korean religions, he made an enduring contribution to the inclusion and development of multidisciplinary Korean studies in the French and European academic landscape.

He was a co-founder of AKSE (Association for Korean Studies in Europe) in 1977, and later on its president.

Along with many inspiring contributions, he leaves two books in French, Les Algues, les Anciens, les Dieux [Seaweed, Ancestors, and the Gods] (1983) and La Chamane à l'éventail [The Shamaness with a Fan] (2010) to our scholarly community. His friends and colleagues will keep vibrant memories of an enthusiastic personality with a large and benevolent smile.

He will return to his Korea look-alike Ardèche mountains where he retired in 2006 with his wife Bang Haija, and where his son Simon, his daughter Sabine and his grandchildren later joined him.

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