[KS] Monash University Korean Studies Seminar Series Talk 5: Assoc. Prof. Sandra Fahy (Sophia University)

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Thu May 6 19:26:08 EDT 2021

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to talk 5 of our annual *Monash University
Korean Studies Seminar Series*, made possible thanks to the Core University
Program for Korean Studies through the Ministry of Education of the
Republic of Korea and Korean Studies Promotion Service of the Academy of
Korean Studies (AKS-2017-OLU-2250002).

Talk 5: Assoc. Prof. Sandra Fahy (Sophia University)

Wednesday May 19 at 4:00 - 5:00 PM AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time!)

Please sign up HERE <https://forms.gle/B7mZULzSDFJ2PdE86>.

Zoom links will be sent out the day prior to the talk (with a reminder on
the day).

*Reflections on 20 years of Fieldwork, Writing, and Publishing on North


This presentation shares my experience of working on the topic of North
Korea from the earliest stages of my career to the present. It gives a
"behind the scenes" view of the experience - the things we usually don't
write or talk about - of being a non-Korean, white, woman scholar of Korea
approaching the fraught topic of human rights north of the 38th parallel.
It is, therefore, an ethnography of my experience. I have often felt that I
should write "the book beneath the book" - by this I mean the story of what
lead to my interest in Korea, what it was like to study Korean language in
South Korea when my interests were in the North, and it was like to conduct
the research with North Korean defectors in South Korea and Japan –
survivors of the 1990s famine – for my PhD, which resulted in my book on
1990s famine Marching through Suffering: Loss and Survival in North Korea and
to a lesser extent my second book. The talk elaborates on the phenomena of
working with human subjects on sensitive, traumatic topics – the impact of
this on the researcher, and the informant. This talk is designed to offer
students and the audience of researchers working in similar topics. My aim,
in presenting my experiences of typically overlooked or under discussed
aspects of the work is to normalize and represent the human in the
researcher and in the research.


Sandra Fahy is a former visiting fellow with the Human Rights Program at
Harvard Law School. She is associate professor of anthropology at Sophia
University in Tokyo. She holds a PhD from SOAS University of London. She
grew up in Canada, but has lived in South Korea and Japan for 12
years.  She is the author of Marching through Suffering: Loss and Survival
in North Korea (New York: Columbia University Press 2015) and Dying for
Rights: Putting North Korea’s Rights Abuses on the Record (New York:
Columbia University Press 2019). She is currently working on a book
titled States,
Lies and Video: a century of states using video to deny allegations of
rights abuses.

If you have any questions please email Dr Adam Zulawnik:
adam.zulawnik at monash.edu

See you all there!
Dr. Adam Antoni Zulawnik
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Korean Studies
School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics
Monash University

*Latest publication*:
*"Death to the Translator!" - A Case Study on Risk in Translation *
(A Zulawnik, *AALITRA Review, *2020).

*Forthcoming publication*:
*Interviews with North Korea**n Defectors - from Kim Shin-jo to Thae
Yong-ho *
(I Lim & A Zulawnik [trans],* Routledge, *2021).
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