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Dear friends,

We thank everyone who has become a member of Korean Literature Association

We have a new feature for you to provide your name and affiliation so that
we can keep a record of our members. It is strictly for sending information
on our conferences.
*Even if you have already paid your membership fee, please fill-out the

Please visit our website: http://korlit.org/wp/membership/ and fill-out the
Google form under *MEMBER INFORMATION*.

For those who have not joined us, we encourage you to join. Korean
Literature Association (KLA) is a non-profit organization for academics and
graduate students.
We engage in critical endeavors that question and expand the fields of
Korean literature, film, and cultural studies across forms, genres, and
periods through comparative analyses of textual and visual narratives.
We promote collaboration, support, and mentoring of scholars at all levels,
and facilitate exchanges of innovative ideas about teaching and
research. Programs sponsored by the KLA include annual academic
conferences, workshops, and public events that enhance the visibility and
understanding of Korean literature and culture.
We kindly ask our members and future members to support the organization
with annual membership fees.

Immanuel (President of KLA)

Immanuel Kim
The Korea Foundation and Kim-Renaud
Associate Professor of Korean Literature and Culture Studies
East Asian Languages and Literatures
The George Washington University

*Friend: A Novel from North Korea*

*Laughing North Koreans*

*Rewriting Revolution*
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