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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

this is a reminder that you still have a month to submit your brilliant
ideas for the AKSE conference 2023 in Copenhagen!
The submission deadline is *September 15*, which is the final deadline and
will not be extended.
Submit your proposals here:

22-25 June 2023, Copenhagen (Denmark) - Call for Papers -
The University of Copenhagen will host the 31st biennial AKSE Conference as
an in-person event from 22 (Thursday) to 25 (Sunday) June 2023 in
Copenhagen, Denmark. The conference is co-organized by the University of
Copenhagen with the AKSE Council. The Association for Korean Studies in
Europe, founded in 1977, is the main scholarly society for Korean Studies
in Europe. Its objectives are to stimulate and coordinate academic Korean
Studies in all countries of Europe, and to contribute to the spread of
knowledge of Korea among a wider public.
The biennial AKSE conferences provide an opportunity for European scholars
of Korean Studies to gather and exchange research. The conferences host the
AKSE membership meeting, making this the most important event of the
association as such. AKSE conferences are also a way for European scholars
to communicate with the global academic community. We thus warmly welcome
non‐Europeans and non‐members.
Korean Studies Team at the University of Copenhagen
Barbara Wall (Associate Professor) & Amos Farooqi (PhD Candidate)
tkg656 at hum.ku.dk
*Conference website:*
*Conference timetable*
Day 1 (Thursday): registration, opening ceremony, dinner
Day 2 and 3 (Friday & Saturday): full conference days
Day 4 (Sunday): half conference day, end of the public events after lunch
*Key information for prospective participants:*
1 July 2022 – 15 September 2022: Submission of abstracts and panel proposals
1 January 2023: Notification of paper acceptance
1 January 2023 – 1 May 2023: Registration
1 January 2023 – 30 May 2023: Paper submission
*Conference venues and hotel: *
The conference venue, including the opening ceremony, will be held at the
University of Copenhagen. Accommodation will be provided in the vicinity of
the university.
*Registration: *
Abstract submission will entail preliminary registration (not binding).
Formal online registration for all active (presenting and chairing) and
passive participants will open on 1 January 2023 and last until 1 May 2023.
*For submitters:*
1) Subjects and general guidelines
∙ Both individual abstracts and panel proposals can be submitted. Panel
proposals will be treated preferentially. All paper proposals will receive
a double-blind assessment. We strongly encourage panel diversity
(institutional, national, disciplinary), and this will be an important
criterion in the final selection process.
∙ Subjects in all areas of Korean Studies are welcome. During the abstract
submission, submitters will have to choose a field for their presentation.
∙ All abstracts should be written in English, but the official languages of
the conference are: English, French, German and Korean. You must specify
the presentation language if it is different from English.
2) Presentation guidelines
∙ Each panel will last 105 minutes and typically consist of four
∙ To allow plenty of time for discussion, each presentation should not
exceed 15 minutes (60 minutes for presentations, 45 minutes for discussion).
∙ In the case of an organized panel, a fifth person can be invited as panel
chair by the panel organizer. Alternatively, one of the four panelists can
act as chair.
∙ Normally panels do not include discussants. The panel chair can act as
discussant if invited to do so.
3) Note on panel proposals
∙ Panel proposals should include a concise title (e.g. “Korean Diaspora in
US”), keywords (up to three), the number of panelists (five in the case of
a non-presenting chair or four in the case of a presenting chair), and a
panel abstract of up to 300 words.
∙ In addition, each panelist should prepare an abstract of up to 300 words,
excluding the paper title and keywords.
4) Note on individual papers
∙ Individual presenters should prepare an abstract of up to 300 words,
excluding the paper title and keywords (up to three).
*Conference fees*
1) Included with conference fees:
∙ accommodation and breakfast (3 nights in double rooms)
∙ conference attendance
∙ opening and closing ceremonies with dinner
∙ coffee breaks and lunch on each conference day
∙ conference materials
2) Not included:
∙ travel to and from Copenhagen
∙ AKSE membership fees (these will be separately collected by the AKSE
treasurer, more information on the AKSE website).
3) Categories and rates
Based on current pricing information and subsidy expectations, we expect to
be able to offer the following rates for participants:
∙ non-members not presenting: 350 EUR
∙ non-members presenting: 300 EUR
∙ AKSE members: 250 EUR
∙ students: 120 EUR
∙ participants (members or not) not presenting, not staying at hotel: 100
∙ students not presenting, not staying at hotel: 50 EUR
*Registration fees: *
At the time of your online registration, you will be asked to pay a
non-refundable registration fee in the amount of 100 EUR through the
conference management system. The registration fee for students is 50 EUR.
This online transfer registration fee will be used as a down payment for
your conference fee. The remaining balance should be paid later online (by
1 March 2023). Details regarding this will be sent in due course.
*Travel subsidies:*
Graduate students whose papers have been accepted are entitled to apply for
a travel subsidy by writing to the AKSE president. The availability and
actual amount of the grants depend on funding availability and will be
decided by the AKSE Council.
Please check the AKSE website for more information:
Additional information on the website
Further information on the conference, including accommodation surcharges,
travel etc. will be provided on the conference website in due course.
Please share widely!

Korean Studies Team at the University of Copenhagen
Barbara Wall (Associate Professor) & Amos Farooqi (PhD Candidate)

*Barbara Wall *
Associate Professor Korean Studies

*Organizer of the 31st AKSE Conference in Copenhagen 2023*
Submit your proposal until September 15, 2022

Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
University of Copenhagen
Karen Blixens Plads 8
DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Phone: +45-51799185 <barbara.wall at hum.ku.dk>

Mail: barbara.wall at hum.ku.dk

Link: https://ccrs.ku.dk/staff/?pure=en/persons/583023
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