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AS and IKS Talk Series

*A Gender History of Korea: Finding the Global in the Local*

September 16, 2022/Noon-1:30 PM (EDT)

By Hyaeweol Choi (University of Iowa)

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This talk explores the gender history of modern Korea from a transnational
perspective. The basic premise is that national histories are inherently
transnational due to the dynamic flow of ideas, images, discourses,
material cultures and people across national boundaries. It is that
transnational flow that has triggered new gender norms, reformed domestic
practices, fostered a sense of locality in contrast to global features, and
helped women claim new space in the public sphere. As a way to illustrate
the transnational nature of modern womanhood in Korea, the talk
specifically discusses the life politics of domesticity, which shows the
dynamic interplay between the intimate and the structural, between the
domestic and the public, and between the local and the global. It concludes
with a brief contemplation of the future directions of everyday gender
politics in the current age of excess, inequality and ecological crises.


Hyaeweol Choi is a professor of Korean studies, gender history and
religious studies. She holds the C. Maxwell and Elizabeth M. Stanley Family
and Korea Foundation Chair in Korean Studies at the University of Iowa. She
is also the founding director of the Korean Studies Research Network (KoRN)
and currently serves as Chair of the Department of Gender, Women’s and
Sexuality Studies.

Her research interests are in the areas of gender, empire, modernity,
religion, food and body, and transnational history. She has published books
and articles on such topics as the genealogy of modern womanhood in Korea,
the historical development of the “New Woman” in colonial-era Korea, the
evolution of the concept of "domesticity" within the context of encounters
between Christian missionaries and women in Asia and the Pacific, and the
impact of transnational mobility on gender norms and bodily practices. Her
current research project, entitled “Food and the Life Politics of
Domesticity in Global Korea,” examines the domestic as the confluence of
the local, public, global and environmental structures, aiming to shed new
light on everyday gender politics and performance through food ethics and
practices in the current age of excess, inequality and ecological crises.
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