[KS] Invitation - KEC Special Lecture Series "Sailing or Drifting? The Korean Wave, self and Fandoms"

Domning, Gwendolyn g.domning at fu-berlin.de
Wed May 24 07:55:33 EDT 2023

Dear all,
I want to invite you to the Korea Europe Center Special Lecture Series titled "Sailing or drifting? The Korean Wave, self and Fandoms", which will be held online (Webex) Fridays at 2:15 pm (CEST, GMT +2).
Abstract of the Special Lecture Series:
Beyond popular media discourse, academic discussion on understanding the Korean Wave and its impact on a changing media landscape has emerged. However, until now, the German case was largely sidelined in discussions. Focusing on K-pop, the special lecture series "Sailing or drifting? The Korean Wave, self and Fandoms" tries to expand the discussion in Germany on the impact of the Korean Wave on youth. Are individuals swept up by the Wave or consciously "riding" it?
26 mai 2023 How to understand the Hallyu: issues, questions, and problematics<https://www.geschkult.fu-berlin.de/e/oas/korea-studien/veranstaltungen/Kalender/SoSe2023/SLSHallyu-1.html>, Prof Seok-kyeong Hong (Seoul National University)
09 juin 2023 The Art of Ttechang: K-Pop Soundscapes Created through Sonic Rivalry between Fandom and the Industry <https://www.geschkult.fu-berlin.de/e/oas/korea-studien/veranstaltungen/Kalender/SoSe2023/SLSHallyu-2.html> , Dr Jungwon Kim (Ethnomusicologist)
30 juin 2023  Who is behind the Prodigy K-pop Dancers? <https://www.geschkult.fu-berlin.de/e/oas/korea-studien/veranstaltungen/Kalender/SoSe2023/SLSHallyu-3.html> , Associate Prof Dr Chuyun Oh (San Diego State University)
If you want to know more about each lecture, please click on the titles. You can also follow the links [register] to register for the online lectures.
Thank you and highest regards,
Gwendolyn Domning (PhD Candidate)
Lecturer and research assistant (wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin)
Korean Studies, Department of History and Cultural Studies, Freie Universitaet Berlin

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