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Korean Studies - Film

Mis·cel·la·ne·ous   [mis-uh-ley-nee-uhs]


Some useful links, but not necessarily all Korea related:  


Galbijim Wiki (in English; a collaborative wiki community which holds a very lively FORUM and a blog with about 10,000 articles of advice on living, working, and traveling in Korea, written and edited by over 1,800 contributors—anything from infos about how apartment rentals work in Korea to learning Korean language.


KoreaBridge (in English; similar to above listed Galbijim Wiki; certainly very useful for any foreigner living in Korea or preparing to go there; includes forums, buy/sell sections, general infos...)




박노자 글방 (history & Korean studies; Vladimir Tikhonov)
훈장의 가르침 [in English] (Korean studies; Antti Leppänen)

Beyond the Minjung (Korean society, politics, and activism)


Official South Korean Tourist Site (lots of infos for visitors)


ROK: Phone Directory
USA: Phone Directory
Germany: Phone Directory


Map Tool (at KoreaWeb), Google Maps, and 야후! 지도 Korea
GoogleEarth - Satellite View (at KoreaWeb.ws)
World Subway Maps and Interactive Subway Map Seoul

Hotels.com: English and Korean (also in Korea)
Airbnb (community marketplace to list, discover, and book rooms, apartments, etc. around the world)
Craigslist (San Francisco based, and now world-wide ... buy, sell, rent, ...) --> Craigslist KOREA
DriveNow (car sharing - in San Francisco & Germany)

CarRentals.com (worldwide, also in Korea)


Flight Status Tracker (check flight status and delays)
Asiana Airlines, flights
Korean Air, flights
Airline Consolidator (flights, hotels, cars.., $)
Cheapflights.com (flights, hotels, $)
CheapTickets.com  (flights, hotels, cars.., $)
Yahoo! Travel (flights, hotels.., $)
ORBITZ.com Travel (flights, hotels, cars.., $)
KAYAK (flights, hotels, cars.., $)
Expedia (flights, hotels, cars.., $)
swoodoo (travel, hotels, cars, €)
Megaflieger (flights, €)
Billigflieger (flights, hotels, cars.., €)