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Korean Studies - Film

ROK Links   

ROK at Wikipedia, related Entries #1 and #2


South Korea: A Country Study (2005, L. of Congress)


• Maps:

  ↳ Detailed Interactive Maps of South Korea (allow time to
      load and/or hit RELOAD button)

  ↳ Google Earth: Street View SEOUL and Street View PUSAN
      (just drag the little yellow man on the left to the map)
  ↳ Interactive Subway Map Seoul (Engl.) and in Korean

  ↳ Daum Maps Seoul, Pusan, etc. (bus, train, shops ... info)


Phone Directory KOREA


Visitkorea: Official Korea Tourism Organization


korea.net (official web portal of the ROK government)


ROK Government & Politics (link INDEX)


ROK Constitution


대한민국 국회 / ROK National Assembly


청와대 / Blue House (Office of the President)


Politics and Political Parties in the ROK (Wikipedia)


통계청 / Statistics Korea (KOSTAT)


헌법재판소 / Constitutional Court of Korea

대한민국 국가보안법 / National Security Law (NSL)


방송통신심의위원회 / Korea Communications Standards
  Commission (KCSC)

  South Korea's political censorship organization for the Internet


나는 꼼수다 [Nanŭn kkomsuda, I’m a Petty-Minded Creep]
  (highly popular podcast, critical of present government)


Amnesty International: South Korea Reports


Asian Human Rights Commission: South Korea Reports


전국민주노동조합총연맹 / Korean Confederation of Trade Unions


U.S. Department of State: SOUTH KOREA
  (archived documents prior to 01/20/2001, see here)


United States–Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA)


Internet Law Library: KOREA (last update 2003)


대한민국 정부 포털 / Korea e-Government (MOPAS)


하이코리아 / Hi Korea (ROK government site for immigrants
  and foreign workers in Korea)


외국인이주노동자대책협의회 / Joint Committee for Migrants
  in Korea (JCMK)
  JCMK organizes political campaigns for migrants' workers' rights and human rights. It also issues research reports on the migrant population in Korea.