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Korean Studies - Film

Essential Sites and General Infos:
DPRK at Wikipedia, related Entries #1 and #2, and Films
North Korea: A Country Study (2008, L. of Congress)
38 North: DPRK Digital Atlas (Joel S. Wit & Jenny Town)
Detailed NK Google Earth Map (geo. tagging, many details)
DPRK Constition: 1948; 1972/1998 (Kor.); 2009 (Kor.)
DPRK Links (U of Colorado at Boulder) | • NordkoreaInfo
North Korean Economy Watch (info & blogger site, links)

NK NEWS (news clippings and blog by Tad Farrell)

38 North (political analysis, by USKI, Johns Hopkins U)
CanKor (commentaries and news via RSS; from Canada)
From the ROK:민족21 NK Terminology NK Chronology

Official DPRK Websites: 
List of .kp Domains and Other Official DPRK Websites

내나라 Naenara (official DPRK website, run from Japan)

korea-dpr (official DPRK website, run from Spain)
Technology and Internet: 
North Korea Tech (NK, technology, Internet; RSS feeds and
   highly informative posts by site owner Martyn Williams)
The Internet top-level domain .kp administration, earlier
   being handled by a one man company in Berlin (s. KCC #1
   and KCC #2), is since 2011 managed by Star JV in P'yŏng-
   yang (set up with the Thai company Loxley Pacific).
official DPRK YouTube channel

DPRK Policy Documents and Resources: 

National Committee on North Korea (NCNK) (U.S.)
North Korea International Documentation Project (U.S.)

'Wikileaks' Search (search cables made public by Wikileaks)

Human Rights Reports: 
(a) Amnesty International, (b) North Korea Today, (c) HRNK, (d) U.S. Dept. of State, (e) U.S. Commission on Int. Religious Freedom

Search NORTH Korean Media:
   North Korea 

Book Stores and Bibliographies:  

Beijing Sunyong Scientific Technology Trade Co., Ltd. (in Beijing,
   but directly or indirectly run by the North Korean government)

Rainbow Trading Corporation (in Japan, run by Miyagawa Jun)
North Korea Books (in Canada, run by Nicholas Mercury)
North Korean Serials INDEX (Library of Congress)

Tourism and Exchange: 
Koryo Tours (in Beijing; travel agency run by two British
   nationals; since many years offering tours to North Korea)
Asia Pacific Travel (APTL) (in the U.S.) and KTG (in Spain)
DPRK Tourist Agency via Nordkorea-Info.de; also see their Forum
Tongil Tours in Australia offers educational tours, and has a Blog


European Business Association, Pyongyang (based in P'yŏngyang;
   representation of EU companies with relations to the DPRK)

DPRK Korean-Korean Dictionary:  

조선말대사전 (largest dictionary, originally by Yi Kŭng-no, et al.)


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