[KS] Re: NAKL's New Romanization Proposal

didier barbas db at ccifc.com
Wed Nov 29 21:42:32 EST 1995

on 30/11/99 01:00, John H. T. Harvey at jharvey at nuri.net wrote:

>     I attended the hearing at the kind invitation to the list, on behalf of
>NAKL, by Prof. Lee Sang Oak.  I have not yet had time to study the materials
>handed out at the hearing as thoroughly as I should, but as that could take
>some time, and as I was the only foreigner who attended and received them, I
>thought I should report my first impressions to the list and to NAKL. I'm sure
>the materials will be available from NAKL.
I gather there were two foreigners there, although the second uses sometimes
a Korean name...
Mauro, some comments?

Didier Barbas


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