[KS] Re: Administrivia and a position on the romanization issue

didier barbas db at ccifc.com
Thu Nov 23 22:12:18 EST 1995

on 24/11/99 11:49, Frank Hoffmann at hoffmann at fas.harvard.edu wrote:
> How about a sign-up list that would be published at the 'korean studies
> list' Web site, or at the AKSE Web site. This list could include
> a statement that the Korea specialists listed will not use the
> new transcription system. Everyone in agreement with this *could*
> (please don't do it now) then send an e-mail to Dr. Provine (if he agrees)
> with the word "no" in the subject line (or whatever seems convenient).

Cool, let's just spam Rob with "no" e.mails. He sure gonna lova it...

Didier Barbas


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