[KS] McCune-Reischauer question

AWOOJAlex at aol.com AWOOJAlex at aol.com
Thu Aug 27 23:23:17 EDT 1998

I am encountering confusion about McCune-Reischauer system.
I recently read a major art catalogue, in which P'yong'yang and chung'in
(middle people) class are all indicated apostrophe after g.
I would think P'yongyang and chungin are correct but since the catalogue used
apostrophe consistently.   I am wondering whether the editor used a special
system that I do not know or whether it is allowed to put apostrophe in these
instances.  I heard that there is a new system proposed by the Korean
government recently.  Is this part of the correction by this new system?

Junghee Lee
Department of Art
Portland State University
summer address.


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